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Robert Pattinson reveals new hair style

What do we think? Is it hot, or shockingly NOT?

By Lucy Mapstone 22/07/2011 10:06

Hands down, Robert Pattinson is one of the hottest young chaps on planet Celeb right now. A lot of his aesthetic appeal stems from his somewhat scruffy appearance... R-Patz is never really a clean-cut, clean-shaven, suited and booted type of guy, and we like that.

Robert Pattinson's hair - yay or nay?His big messy hair and rough stubble? Possibly the best thing about him, as well as his lopsided smile. But now it appears it's not just his smile that's a bit wonky - look at what he's done to his hair!


The actor has shaved off one side of his famous hair, leaving one side much longer (and floppier) than the other. Interesting.


We're not really sure how we feel about it over at MSN Celebrity HQ. It's very Alice Dellal if you ask us. However, it is for a movie role so we can let him off. The movie in question is Cosmopolis, a thriller in which Rob plays a guy who runs out of the hair salon halfway through his haircut! Makes sense...


The 25-year-old Brit showed off his new 'do at Comic-Con in San Diego yesterday with Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart (also his girlfriend - lucky lady) and Taylor Lautner.


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

The three movie stars were at the event to promote the next Twlight movie, Breaking Dawn.


See more pics of the Twilight gang at Comic-Con in our gallery!


So, whether this new 'do is a fail or not is really very subjective but we'd love to know what you think of it. Leave us a comment below!


For old time's sake, we've shared our favourite and least favourite ever R-Patz hair styles ever.


Which Robert Pattinson look is the best?

On the left, we have the messy, almost bouffant-like Pattinson 'do which we love very much. The sloppy, greasy mop on the right, however, was not his finest hour! Do you agree?

22/07/2011 17:00
Ewwww i hate R-Patz new hair style i think it looks ugly to be truthful LOL
22/07/2011 17:17

Hi i think its ok, he possibly wanted a change. lol.

  its too warm for all his hair, he nice and cool now. x   Star

02/11/2011 15:09
23/07/2011 11:32
well i know hes not bothered what people think, but if your asking me its not nice and it was better least it will grow back.
24/07/2011 19:36
Rob has just finished filming 'Cosmopolis' - his character was having a haircut and left the barbers part way through it.  I'm assuming he hasn't had it tidied up in case of re-shoots.
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