06/07/2012 15:04 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
A week in the life of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

The past week in Katie Holmes' life (© Rex)
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It's been one heck of a week for Katie Holmes, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Tom Cruise. The actress filed for divorce from the Top Gun actor on 29 June and since then her every move has been followed by the paps.

The press has gone into a frenzy, reporting rumours and possible reasons their marriage might have come to an end, with some saying it's Tom's connection with the Church of Scientology that pushed Katie over the edge, and others claming she outgrew him and wanted to move on.

However, in a new interview with Elle magazine USA (conductedsix weeks before news of the split), Katie hinted at a separation.

"I definitely feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel sexier. I think in my 20s, it's like you're trying too hard to figure everything out," she said suggestively.

"I'm starting to come into my own. It's like a new phase... He has been Tom Cruise for 30 years. I know who I am and where I am and where I want to go, so I want to focus on that."

07/07/2012 13:09
How wonderful that you have realised that you do not want to be given "orders" on how to eat, dress etc, you are a beautiful women, but have got to look a little too thin and anxious.  Well done Katie, I hope everything turns out right for you.  Good luck, and I think a lot of people will be on your side! xx
07/07/2012 12:32
My dear Ms Holmes,
The entire thinking world knew that it would not work out. Tom Cruise and his beliefs are strange to say the least and completely out of this world. I am so proud that you can now escape, fairly in tact. Good luck in your normal future. I am so pleased you now have the courage to act with sense and integrity !!!
07/07/2012 14:14

Phew, what a week, getting out of bed,taking the kids for an icecream, being photographed with minders everywhere, and  finally going back to bed again.  What a crap life these "actress- A listers" have.  Wish I'd married a midget multi-millionaire.  Is this really news or just something to fill MSN space??

07/07/2012 18:30

could'nt give a rat's arse about tomcat, there are lots of couples going through the same thing . at least katie will not struggle to feed , clothe and put a roof over her childs head so in that respect she is in a better position than most.


07/07/2012 22:06
i don t think religion is the reason im muslim suni my british  husband christian catholic i practise my religion freely at home me i believe god is for everyone whatever his religion is 
07/07/2012 13:59

put some weight on katie and look after yourself.put yourself first.good luck


08/07/2012 01:50
Zohra. I`m a committed Aethist but in no way would I even DARE to stifle others beliefs!
08/07/2012 01:55
"i don t think religion is the reason i am a  Muslim Suni"
 So why ARE you??
08/07/2012 01:48
Stumbled across another"Who gives a ****" page. Who IS she and why should I care anyway?
07/07/2012 10:13
did katy just marry to get known n become very wealthy??  seems that way.
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