11/04/2012 16:40 | By Lucy Mapstone/Colleen Last, MSN Celebrity
Adele rockets up Sunday Times Rich List 2012


Adele (© PA)
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Adele - worth £20m.

Adele has had one heck of a successful year - we all know this, that's for sure. Over the last 18 months, her songs have been played more than any artist on radio stations across the world and her sales of her album 21 have reached over 20million. She's also bagged herself a handful of Grammy and Brit awards. Not too shabby for the shy girl from Tottenham who penned her record-breaking album after a shattering break-up.

This success has seen her rocket up the Sunday Times Rich List for UK stars under the age of 30 - in 2011 Adele was worth £6m, but the 23-year-old's wealth has more than trebled to an incredible £20m, making her top the list of young music artists in the UK.

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12/04/2012 02:39

£20 million, for what? Singing? You see how out of whack reality is right now, those who contribute the least to humanity get the biggest pay packets. While the majority of the people in the UK struggle to earn a living busting their butts to pay the mortgage, increasing fuel prices, food, utilities people are swooning over celebrities who get paid huge paypackets for doing nothing of real benefit for us. And I haven't even spoken about the billions of poor who live on less than £1 a day! You worship footballers (make a million because you can kick a ball?), singers (make a million because you can hold a note?), musicians (make a million because you can string some notes together?), actors and actresses (make a million because you can make believe and put on a silly accent?), what exactly are we worshipping? We should pitty these poor fools for selling out to a satanic Hollywood, music and fashion industry that is in league with the controllers of this global fiefdom and will stop at nothing to keep you physically, mentally and spiritually enslaved.


MSN classes £20 million as incredible wealth, but what is £20 million? £20,000,000 on a computer screen? £20,000,000 in fiat currency? Its totally worthless. You can't go to the Bank of England and exchange £20 note for anything other than another £20 note. Do you know what the real currency of this planet is? Love and appreciation. You know why? Here's a little test, do something beneficial for someone, something little like washing up for them, or cooking them a meal. When they say "thank you", you get a positive vibrational boost ... that feeling improves your wellbeing, your life and benefits you much more than a fist full of paper could ever do...


Do you know who deserves real celebration? Those of you that contribute to the betterment of humanity. Anyone who flows with nature instead of against it. Anyone bringing no harm to others or anything. Those people that go that extra mile to help someone in need. They deserve true celebration. You know this is true, so why do you waste your time and energy worshipping such trivial vocations as kicking a ball, holding a note, stringing some notes together, make believe and put on a silly voice? You can be much better than that. Do you know if you put as much time and energy into freeing yourself from enslavement as you do in worshipping these fake idols, fake gods and celebrities you could be living a life of luxury as was intended for you instead of watching others, wishing, hoping and dreaming.


The only thing you can change in this world is yourself and your thoughts and actions and by changing yourself to the positive, becoming the best that you can be it won't take too long before everyone is the best that they can be. The alternative is if you continue to live the life of a slave, then enslavement is all your children and grand children will inherit. Let me tell you now, its time for us all to say I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

12/04/2012 07:36

I'm just going to keep buying my weekly lottery ticket and hope for the best.

12/04/2012 01:27

hi comment to allstars - what is chunky as you put it got to do with her singing voice - you dont make £20m  standing busking on the street - people pay to hear and see her sing so it aint her fault the money floods in as she can force anyone to buy into her 
















12/04/2012 01:33
Good For Her!! That Girl has certainly got some voice. And to all those comments that put her down, I say this: Why don't you try doing something like that?!! It's hard work, not as easy as any of you think, and she has rightfully EARNED it........!!
12/04/2012 12:21
No disrespect to Adele OK, but aren't you sick of this kind of "Hey Plebs how's the struggle going? doesn't life suck when you can barely afford to put petrol in a 1 litre Nissan Micra to get you to & from your sh***y, stressed out, low payed job.... but Hey! don't worry plebs because loads of celebs are making an absolute fortune & yes, that's right, some of these w*****s don't even have any talent, but will allways live a wonderful luxurious life style that you plebs can only dream of. Oh....& guess what? everything is going up in price on a daily basis, including the cheap booze that you poor plebs will no longer be able to afford & it won't be long now before your country finally loses the NHS to a dog called Cameron & you will never afford private health care. Oh well never mind, it's OK because Colline Rooney's riches have now hit a lurrvely £13 million. Cool huh!"
This is what this drivel publicity says to me. Truly sickening.
What a vile system....Jeez....ca​n you smell that?

12/04/2012 01:58
She deserves every penny for her amazing work. i love the way she does not put on any heirs & graces. WYSIWUG!

i wonder how her ex feels now?
12/04/2012 11:11
completely agree stacy sugar. Although adele is more talented than most and I admit to being a football fan, the whole thing is a joke, When teachers, nurses etc are paid a pittance in comparison and then blamed for the state of society, when they are the only ones actually trying to do anything about it. Media promotes this get rich quick culture for adding pretty much nothing to society then wonders why young people dont want to do a hard days work.. Yes the world is probably more entertaining with music and football, could we survive without it, yes.. Could we survive without health, education, law and order... no, and these careers are being constantly undermined and de valued.. Why can most people get up and concentrate on a days work?, because they know their children are being cared for by good teachers.. Who's the most important person in the world if your kid has to have an operation? the nurses who care for them... The whole 'which jobs are worth what' equation in this country is upside down. Id love to see these 'superstars' try teaching in an area of socioeconomic depravation  for a week, or caring for terminally ill children, or risking their lives putting out fires and saving the lives of other.. These are the people worth something to this country!!!!!
12/04/2012 09:01
I'm really not surprised she's worth that much!!! she's amazing and i like the way she's different to all the other pop stars who are all about the looks well adele is more about the voice and that what its all about!!!!Wink
12/04/2012 08:09
12/04/2012 12:40

This is like throwing mud in your face when you're already down. No disrespect to the singer but the journo's who are writing this are not very respectful. The country is in the mire, most people are really struggling, the cost of living has increased, people are losing jobs with no way back in, and these journo's are going on about the wealthy few. Do they really think people want to read that.

I think if people had the choice they would rather not hear about how many millions someone is making. It is really insulting in these times! Yes - Revolution!

12/04/2012 12:14

 What can I say Adele, please don't take any notice of any of the negative comments hun.

Its  the old humanistic  cliche my girl, people are jealousDevil.You have a great talent, your music comes from the heart, and has great natural feeling.Red heart.You acknowledged your dear mum,  that tells us you have not forgotten your roots. You have a mum who i so, so proud of you. Enjoy your good fortune ,i know in my heart you will do good with it in many ways. Keep penning those songs.Wink. Hey!!!! carry on being yourself, never loose that. But do try to watch your language with young people who look up to you and really think you are a Star.

12/04/2012 09:44
She deserves it.. with a voice like hers
12/04/2012 18:12
Adelle has only one problem to deal with and that is all the spiteful and nasty things say about her. She is happy with her size we are happy with her own written music, back off you are jealous of what she has achieved, i wish her well at least she has done something with her life, all you people who pull her down should stand back look in the mirror and say WHAT DID I DO TO MAKE ME PROUD TODAY just moan and bitch about someone else making a go of there life. Pull me up about spelling pull me up about punctuation but pull yourself up for being the jealous s---s you are.
12/04/2012 11:17

Who cares what she's worth?


She's a fantastic talent and worth every penny. NOT LIKE SOME ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/04/2012 08:57

I'm really surprised Adele is worth this much and I don't think they have got their sums right.  Musicians usually earn the majority of their money through touring and, as she had to pull out of her last tour, that would have affected her income considerably.  Nevertheless, she is a lovely performer and has written some great tracks and deserves all the success she has achieved.


Steve:  people split up all the time (especially at that age) and her ex is supposedly happily married.  Adele is in a new relationship - so that means they are both content.  I call that a happy ending without regrets.

Shows just how much the fans are getting ripped off by the record companies
12/04/2012 13:26
ok, I myself am not the biggest fan of Adele, i do like some of her songs but tend to find her a bit dreary and miserable (subject matter of her songs) i do think i'm the only person in the world who thinks she's slightly over rated though.
12/04/2012 12:33

These comments arent a personal attack on adele Susie Alderson, she is actually not a good example of what people are on about, as she does actually have some talent. What concerns people more is the state of society in general and those who make mega bucks for contributing zilch to society... Revolution ASAP please.

12/04/2012 11:27
£20 million doesn't sound much for someone who has sold 20 million copies of one album.  As Adele penned most/all of the lyrics, surely this assessment can't be correct?  Songwriting and publishing rights are where you make money from album sales.  As someone has said already, touring is where the big bucks kick in.  My view, £20 million is hopelessly understated!!
12/04/2012 17:26
at the end of the day its no worse than the outrageous cash that so called footballers get for kicking a pigskin around a pitch. if you ask me footballers should get paid per win not per game that would sort the true footballers out from the money making idiots that play at the moment. so good on adele i say  cant wait for a new album.
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