07/02/2014 10:00 | By Cat Collins
Age-defying celebrities: stars who are much older than you'd think

Baby-faced actor Seth Green is turning 40

Seth Green (© Wire)
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Can you believe that Austin Powers star Seth Green is 40? The ever-youthful actor looks a decade younger - at least!

The good looking not-so-young man is celebrating the landmark birthday on 8 February.

He's not the only celeb to have apparently been taking a sip from the elusive fountain of youth. Take a look at other lucky celebrities who look more youthful than their years... you won't believe some of these!

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I must be seeing different pictures that the person who wrote this cr@p because they all look their age to me too, and the answer to the question "how do they do it" its quite clear sitting on your @rse all day doing nothing but recite a few lines  someone else thought of and sit done when the stunt man turns up is very easy on the skin. 
How do those plastic surgeons do it?
07/02/2014 17:37
What a load of tosh...most of them look their age!
07/02/2014 23:17

Money helps. Apart from that, your ridiculous article just underlines that, once again, the msn 'team' are a dimwitted, illiterate bunch of half-wits who need to get out in the real  world for a few weeks and give someone with half a brain cell some time at their desks to come up with something that real people might be interested in. You are totally useless, the lot of you. No offence.x  

Lots of money,stress free lifestyles and doing what you want when you want, thats the reason they look so good.
08/02/2014 01:56
How do they do it?
 Well, having millions of pounds to spend on the best skin rejuvenation treatments not to mention all the expertise in nutrition, exercise, hair, makeup and fashion they have on call pretty much 24/7 might have something to do with it.
The do look great, but when you consider they probably spend more money in a year on enhancing their looks than real-world people spend in their lifetime, suddenly it's no mystery as to why.
Fountain of youth? No, just millions of quid!

08/02/2014 07:06

Who wrote this stupid article ?.......Jim Parsons


Jim .....you should have gone to specsavers !

08/02/2014 11:55
I think most of them look their age anyway, also, some of the pics are approved publicity photos, MSN should show us photos of these actors first thing in the morning without their makeup artist handy work.
08/02/2014 06:05
People in general are looking younger these days.
08/02/2014 12:27
Just what are you meant to look like when you're 40 for God's sake.  40 is nothing in the scheme of things.  I looked great when I was 40 (not so good now) and so did a lot of other people.
10/02/2014 01:02
Nothing special there, I'm the same age as David Bowie but look better than Tom Cruise.
08/02/2014 12:44
I think Seth would make an Incredible Riddler or Joker in the Next Batman film :)
I only look half my age from one side
07/02/2014 21:56
What about Chuck Norris he looks like he is in his early 50's but he is in fact 73. Also Sela Ward (Jo Danville in CSI New York) looks like shes in her early 40's but she is 57.
26/02/2014 13:02
ps. these are attractive people obviously, but this IS what 40-something looks like, with a bit of make-up and good hair; there's nothing unusual or miraculous about it!! You don't start getting jowls and bad wrinkles till your late 50s. Haven't you people got any 50 year old parents, do you never look at them?!
26/02/2014 12:56
Haha this makes me laugh- these comments are so funny, obviously written by 20-somethings for whom 40/50 seems ancient!! It really isn't, so don't be so condescending/patronising...most people come into their prime in their early 40's; women feel their best ever, empowered, having grown up, relaxed a bit, actually acquired some wisdom and having learnt by their mistakes, and having found out what really suits them, both life and beauty-wise. Plus you tend to stop caring much what other people think of you which is such a handicap to the young. Don't be so ageist! ...Suppose I shouldn't expect anything very intelligent from this celeb-obsessed site...
10/02/2014 11:27
GRAND CROSS of the German Eagle, an award bestowed on FORD by the **** Germany.
look  wikipedia ....
07/02/2014 19:39
was at the peak of ben nevis in the summer now hes tens of millions of years old boy he looks good for his age now thers a mountain for them all to climb {if you catch my drift } and I don't mean snow .
08/02/2014 02:24
what about Bernadette peters? she looks great at nearly 66
08/02/2014 01:39
The swine looks younger than me even with the beard, damn him! xD
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