07/08/2012 11:18 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Amy Childs goes geek chic in new photo shoot

Amy Childs is a lovely girl - bubbly, sweet, a body to die for and rather successful for such a young age. But there's one thing we never thought to call her, and that's a geek. (Maybe a fake tan geek, at best...)

However, in a new photo shoot for Now magazine, the 22-year-old TV star has got her nerd on Katy Perry style (from her video Last Friday Night), as she says: "I want people to know there's more to me than my looks."

Amy Childs (© Now magazine)

Amy Childs ponders some Essex equations...

"I'm intelligent in my own way - I've always had a business mind."

That's right. Usually glammed up and covered in fake tan, make-up and a body con dress, the star is keen to show people her real side, and that just so happens to be someone who was head girl at school.

"Don't laugh Dan," she told Now magazine's Dan Wootton. "I was head girl. But I did get told off for wearing fake tan, false eyelashes and make-up."

She added: "I wasn't clever because I'm severely dyslexic. I got on with the geeks and the popular people. I made the effort with everyone."

When asked if she ever had a geeky phase, she said "never!" and that she was too busy with boyfriends while at school.

Amy Childs (© Now magazine)

Amy Childs sits among the books as she reveals she's currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

It appears catching men's attention is something the red-head has still got going for her: in the interview she also revealed she's become rather close to a certain Simon Cowell.

"He flirted with me!" she said.

"He thanked me for going to his house on one of those star spotting buses while I was in LA and then told me I should also knock on his door whenever I'm over there.

"That's Simon Cowell for you!" she quipped.

Now magazine (© Now magazine)

However, it appears her charms don't work on everyone. Speaking of a rift with rapper Professor Green, she said, "I don't really know what went on."

"We direct messaged a few times on Twitter. It was banter really. I thought: 'Why not?' But we've never done anything."

She continued: "He tried to make out that I wanted to be with him. But I didn't. We were just having a conversation. On his album there's a lyric that goes: 'Does Katie look like Amy or does Amy look like Katie? What the f*** are these cosmetic surgeons creating? I'd never imagine sh***ing a mannequin but that vajazzle is so bedazzling.' I found it funny."

On her safety, Amy admitted she doesn't really go out anymore.

"The last time I went to Sugar Hut was about three months ago and I had to take security with me," she explained.

"Not because I'm up myself but in case there was a problem."

Read the full interview in Now magazine, out now.

07/08/2012 13:39
What a waste of skin and body parts, not a waste of brain though, she clearly has none.
07/08/2012 17:04
oh spare me ! this idiot is as thick as sh*t in the neck of a bottle and is about as real as a  mirage in the desert...fake everything arghh im going to stop or i will be here all day
07/08/2012 21:35

I think she looks great, wish she would stop the essex look!  Stop making yourself like Jordan, stop flashing you assests!!


08/08/2012 18:28
amy stop it now! enough is enough!
07/08/2012 22:28
In these photos she sorta reminds me off katy perry in the T.G.I.F video!:) 
you havent got any looks and as if youd have the brains to read a book........janet and john is beyond you.
08/08/2012 15:55
as if that gormless tw.t would know anything about eductaion......
07/08/2012 11:56
amy you look beautiful, can i go out with you xxxx1st !!
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