14/05/2013 11:30 | By Rachel David, editor, MSN Entertainment
Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy: her life in pictures

Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller

Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller (© Rex)
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During the filming of Hackers in 1995, Ange found love with Jonny Lee Miller, and the pair married a year later.

Proving her eccentricity once again, the actress attended her wedding in black rubber pants and a white T-shirt, upon which she had the groom's name written in her blood. Lovely.

Ange and Jonny divorced in 1999, but insist they remain good friends.

On the split, Angelina said: "It comes down to timing. I think he's the greatest husband a girl could ask for. I'll always love him, we were simply too young."

14/05/2013 20:48
Got to say some of you are very harsh. She is turning into a special person with what she does. Always a troubled girl if you look closely but a good heart. She uses her fame better than most and not for herself. They will need luck.
14/05/2013 17:14

The woman is amazing, that's for sure.    One woman known to me that spent a fortune on breast implants to give her more confiidence to be more assertive and outgoing.    Did it change the woman she was no.    She was still the same shy person afraid to use the assets she bought.


Jolie, has braved life and faced up to everything.  


Loving her children and children around the world has brought joy and moral support to us all.


I reckon, if i was to give her a medal of honour it would be a pair of those luscious lips of hers on a lollipop ladies' patrol crossing for children in order for their safety.    

15/05/2013 09:59
Some people are always going to be harsh and cynical about celebrities. When I read the first MSN article about the operation I was a little cynical but since reading the whole open letter she wrote I take it back, she has publicised this in order to raise awareness and hope that more women will get tested and catch breast cancer in time before it kills. So what if at the same time she gets extra publicity, surely that's worth saving a few lives? Even if it is the case that she only does all her charity work to raise her own profile does that really matter as long as people are helped? To all the cynics I ask this, if you and your family were starving and were offered food, or sick and offered medical care, or homeless and offered a bed, would you really care about the motive behind the help or would you just take it and be grateful for it?
15/05/2013 09:41
the woman is amazing I love her and brad is amazing I wish I was her I love to be in bed with brad I wish her all the best she love her family she a amazing mum       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
15/05/2013 21:09
15/05/2013 11:59
I don't think she's anything other than a star who over values her life...for pleasure. ok save ya life do it quietly. plenty of people face life challenging decisions many have to let go of life; they don't get applauded and nor should they if we focused on our failing near as much as our pleasures young women wouldn't be getting raped and abused and young men wouldn't want to rape and abuse women. lets work together for one another rather than work for the individual to please themselves (our selves).
15/05/2013 09:39
she is so mixed up and will never be really happy going from one actor to another her and brad are doing well at the moment but i can't see it lasting he should have stuck with jen she is so natural angelina wants a good meal down her.
15/05/2013 06:56
Why announce this? Does she want my sympathy? So she's got everything in the world anyone could possibly want and it's still not enough. She has to have the whole world feeling sorry for her aswell. I've got nothing so forgive me if I save my sympathy for someone more deserving.
14/05/2013 19:27

tough luck brad....jennifer aniston has a voluptuous lovely pair of breasts.

sorry but not all of us give a fcuk about Angelina Jolie's t1ts or her collection of pick and mix kids

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