16/03/2011 16:30 | By Hannah Jones, MSN Celebrity contributor

Kate’s big fat hen party

Kate Moss (© PA)

Who'd have thought that a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding gown would turn out to be a summer style must-have? It seems that none other than fashion royalty Kate Moss is planning to buy her very own planet-sized wedding frock. According to reports, the uber-model has asked BFGW dress designer Thelma Madine to send her one of her spectacular gowns, complete with flashing lights and all the trimmings, for the hen party she's holding at the Isle Of Wight festival. And last month Thelma revealed on Twitter that a celebrity had indeed orderered one of her works of art. We're hoping that Kate loves the dress so much, she ends up wearing it on The Big Day as well.

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