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BBC Children in Need 2013: all of the highlights including One Direction and McBusted!

BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights

BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
  • BBC Children in Need 2013 highlights (© BBC pictures)
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The BBC's Children in Need appeal has raised a record £31 million for disadvantaged children and young adults in the UK.

Sir Terry Wogan fired up the "totaliser" for the final time on the live entertainment show to reveal the record-breaking sum of £31,124,896.

The emotional host told viewers their kindness continues to give hope to the most vulnerable people in the nation.

The on-the-night total surpassed last year's £26 million.

The public's show of generosity comes in the week that £30 million was raised in a UK appeal for those affected by the Philippines typhoon disaster.

Highlights of the show included Olympic champion ice dancers going head to head in a special edition of Strictly Come Dancing - as Torvill and Dean became Torvill vs Dean.

Comedian Harry Hill and a cast of celebrity cameos offered up a remake of A-ha's classic Take On Me music video while the cast of EastEnders took part in a dance-off in Albert Square.

Ellie Goulding performed the official BBC Children in Need single How Long Will I Love You, and the cast of West End hit musical The Commitments closed the programme with a medley of songs.

The total is set to increase as money raised at local events throughout the UK is sent in to the appeal.

Click on the image above to see the highlights from the show.

Source: Press Association

16/11/2013 12:18
not 1 2 put a dampener on human generosity and kindness that's great but why is it always the poor donating 2 charity and never the billion air`s the people that make all the money the 1s who make more iintrest in aweek than what children in need raises it should be these people who are striped of most of there wealth (really who needs that much money)and it given out 2 the needy that way every1 would be better off, instead of the 1% of the population owning 99% of the wealth and the rest of us scraping a living on the 1%   

why is it that **** wogan gets paid for doing this program and it goes into his bank account.

why doesn't he donate his time to the children in need .but instead keeps all his money for doing this show while he appeals to everyone to put there hands in there pockets and splash the cash.

greedy greedy man.

16/11/2013 12:28
It would be really good if phone companies would either offer free phone lines for children in need or donate the extra revenue on these calls
16/11/2013 12:24
I don't trust the bbc or any other charity these days.Where does that money really go? does ALL of the money really go to charities?.We the public should be able to get PROOF of where it goes and how much of the total is actually spent and what isn't spent.I read that legally charities are only obliged to give TEN PERCENT to the actual charity so if this is true what happens to the remaining money?.The famous people who appear on the show should not be able to promote their music or event etc either and just focus on the charity.Its not meant to be a show for self promotion.These £3 a month adverts on tv are another thing that bug me too.They used to be extremely rare but now there and loads of them !!.Why ? well i personally think that once somebody saw that there was money to be made they followed suit and one by one more and more did the same.There seems to be a charity for something new every week now!!.Something doesn't seem right to me and all of these charities need looking in to as a whole.I for one wouldn't be surprised if the bbc was found to be involved in another scandal for a start.
16/11/2013 13:36

another year! another sh*t load of cash to be spent on god knows what and ware! terry goes home with a sh*t load of cash for his expenses!!!I it's about time the nonsense was knocked on the head, christ,

we are being asked to fork out for Africa, India, Pakistan and now the Philippines Who is forking out for our food banks and soup kitchens that are being overstretched thanks to our bankers and politicians, who is going to pay to heat and feed the poorest and most vulnerable people in this country this winter? not children in need!! not Mr wogan!!!!! not our bankers!!!! and certainly not our MPs who have help create this problem with their policies!!!! India has moor millionaires than this country, Pakistan is financially better off than this country, so why do we give these people money? our big hearted prim minister has give the Philippines 20 million!! not out of his fortune though, no out of tax payers money!! yours and mine! I was not asked... where you...thanks davy boy 

16/11/2013 12:03
Ha 31 million raised , then our leader gives it all away in Aid !!! ....................
16/11/2013 12:31

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm where does all the money go 2 ??

16/11/2013 11:41


It really is about time someone else was found to head the show.

Wogan's performance was even more embarrassing than Bruce Forsythe on "Strictly"

Time to pension them both off

16/11/2013 14:08
Looking forward to welcoming several thousand of the finest eastern Europeans next year, hold on to your wallets!
watching the programme the other night, "children in need rocks" seeing Mr barlow doing a duet with Agnetta from ABBA, by god that woman can still sing she doesn't sound any different to when she was in her hayday.
16/11/2013 12:13

DavidL is quite right in saying that Wogan is past it ! It 's time we had

a new presenter . As for Strictly .......... 

16/11/2013 16:06

Wonder if Wogan et al all got paid yet again for a charity event, had to laugh when it came out that he was paid £30k for the night a couple of years ago, which he claimed he knew nothing about, so over 34 years an unknown payment of up to £1,000,000 has been made for Wogan alone!

Would be better if they all gave their payments to the charity, which would b more meaningful than the usual claim that they gave their time.

Still one of the few charities I support.

so the scanks charity is alive and well and all these people that cant heat there homes as broadcast by the bbc gave millions to pay the wages of the charity bosses
16/11/2013 18:03
Someone please retire boring old fart terry wogan off
16/11/2013 15:04
As well as Agnetha, we also loved seing Gary Barlow , Barry Manilow and Robbie Williams singing together the other night.  Magic. Wonderful and for charity.

 Bring back some old time, much missed glamour to television entertainment.

terry wogan,i know you get paid for being a real live **** but this is the limit. not even funny, that sausage looks just like you.


17/11/2013 00:54
Big con job .... I'd rather give my dosh to service or cancer charities ... which I do

I think that is a wonderful total considering the financial situation that people are in. I must say some of those film clips that were shown were truly heart breaking, I know I had tears in my eyes at some of them; IT was a wonderful programme and many congratulations to all who took part.

I wonder how much that robbing shower in Westminster gave???

17/11/2013 09:53

I think the prog was so poor keep repeating same clips ,poor jokes

time terry was pension off

bbc wake up and use the money for better progs

16/11/2013 13:34
all the peadophiles the bbc has and still protects....children in need ( this charity to cover up their guilt ) ..imoney  used  towards/for lawyers fees?...not to mention the annual licence fee ..p. s.  the people who gave the thumbs down,  agree / support to the bbc`s peadophila?
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