16/07/2012 09:29 | By Emma Roberts, Entertainment Reporter, MSN Entertainment
Billie Piper hangs out with Tinie Tempah at the polo!

Stars are snapped at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Polo in West Sussex

Billie Piper and Tinie Tempah (© Rex)
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Forget swanky bars and fancy parties, the new place to be seen if you're a celebrity is at the polo.

Billie Piper was snapped hanging out with rapper Tinie Tempah at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Polo in West Sussex and the pair looked like they were having great fun, despite the cold weather.

But Billie and Tinie weren't the only stars to be photographed at the event - have a flick through our gallery to see who else was spotted.

16/07/2012 12:02

Doh.... these two 'people' claim to be from working class backgrounds... would seem they are now the hoi polloi.....must have traded that in along with thier dignity,sell out!

16/07/2012 12:29
is that one of those new tempah / matress thingies?
16/07/2012 12:37
They look like a couple. Billie and Tinie are so cute together.
16/07/2012 12:16
oh Billie you get paid so much you can't afford to do your hair blond lol I understand lmfao
16/07/2012 11:13
yeah horse mouth weres your rider??

and weres that poor chris evans ... heartless ****   lol  :::DD

16/07/2012 10:40
Them Both Ugle, Check the wide mouth and teeth!
16/07/2012 10:38
Well both ugle. Check the teeth and big mouth :-}
16/07/2012 11:35
oooh the black and white minstrel show...how cute
16/07/2012 11:15
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