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Cameron Diaz proves she is fit at 40

Cameron Diaz has been a Hollywood mainstay for around 20 years now and we've watched her grow from a ditzy, young actress into one of the biggest A-list stars around today. After an incredible career that is still growing, it appears that now, at 40, she's happier than ever.

Speaking to Esquire magazine, she admitted: "For the first time in my life I'm content.

Cameron Diaz (© Esquire magazine; Terry Richardson)

Cameron Diaz in Esquire magazine, shot by Terry Richardson

"Getting older is the best part of life. Like, I know more than I've ever known. I have gratitude. I know myself better. I feel more capable than ever. And as far as the physicality of it - I feel better at 40 than I did at 25."

The sexy star, who is as famous for her classic good looks and super-fit physique as her loveable film roles, showed off her wares in the magazine in a photo shoot by iconic photographer Terry Richardson. Posing in the raunchy snaps, it's clear to see why Cameron - who turned 40 at the end of August - feels better than ever!

The pictures also serve as a brief glimpse into Cameron's former wild child days, something we know very little about.

"Believe me, there's a handful of us, from the mid-to-late-90s, that were really having a good-ass time, in this very hotel [Chateau Marmont]... Oh hellz yeah!" she explained.

"But we got through unscathed. Nobody knows. You know why? Because that was before the tabloids started digging into 20-something actresses' lives. That's how old I am.

Cameron Diaz (© Cameron Diaz in Esquire magazine, shot by Terry Richardson)

Cameron Diaz in Esquire magazine, shot by Terry Richardson

"Honestly, I first started getting 'famous' in the mid-90s, after My Best Friend's Wedding, and the tabloids weren't as nuts as they are now. There was the Enquirer and the Star, but nobody took them seriously. There was none of that blogging and all that stuff. And thank God, because there was some stupid-ass shit going on back then - I'd be so mortified."

Speaking of the tabloids, along with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and other contemporaries, the big marriage and babies question hangs over Cameron's head. In a world where tying the knot and having a child is still seen as the ultimate life achievement, the actress seems light-hearted about the whole thing.

Cameron Diaz on Esquire magazine (© Cameron Diaz on Esquire magazine; Terry Richardson)

Cameron Diaz on Esquire magazine

When asked how she 'escaped' marriage for so long, she joked: "I'm smart!

"No, it's hard to say. It just wasn't the thing I was drawn to. I certainly didn't want it in my 20s. Or my 30s... So we'll see!" she said.

"I'd always wanted to get hitched in Vegas at least three times. It's funny because as my girlfriends get older, I see how their relationships have evolved, and you know, the people you're drawn to changes. I'm not attracted to the same people that I was drawn to in my 20s."

She also doesn't think she's too old to have children, should she ever feel the time is right.

"I don't need to have the children in my life be a part of my literal flesh. And anyway, there's still a possibility of that, I ain't that old. Believe it or not, I'm feeling very... capable."

Full interview appears in the November issue of Esquire, on sale Thursday 4 October. Also available as a digital edition.

03/10/2012 13:18
Sorry but most of her body has probably been airbrushed to look exquisite and amazing, why are there always fake looking celebrities, look natural for once and stop giving young girls pressure...
03/10/2012 12:54
The 'smart' people always escape marriage. 
03/10/2012 12:28
Make up and airbrushing are fantastic any one can look good
03/10/2012 15:11
I reckon it's not that difficult to look pretty good at 40 when you've had a well-pampered lifestyle for most of your adult life.
03/10/2012 13:25

40 years ago 40 was old, 40 nowadays is young. what's the big deal. Tell me your fit at 60. I know a good few who are.

03/10/2012 14:32
Crikey, come on she's only 40 not bloody 80!!  Anyone should still look good in their 40s for God's sake.  Not sure about the saggy bum in the black outfit though.
And what, pray, automatically consigns you to the scrapheap of no longer being 'fit' at 40? Stop reinforcing these antiquated views.
03/10/2012 19:08
For all you people saying how beautiful she is, google 'cameron Diaz without make-up' she's go skin like a pizza....not for me thank you, my wife's far better!!
03/10/2012 21:55
She's not only fit but beautiful with it.
Mature women rule! They get sexier up until about 50.
03/10/2012 21:01
hotter than Madonna - surely every red blooded straight male would want to wake up with someone like this in middle age - oh, scrambled with smolked salmon, black pepper, wedge of lemon and a middle class no-no of a buttered bagel please !
03/10/2012 14:59
Suzanne et al, 100% agree. Article must be written by a 12 year old, at the very least, the short trousered!  Re di c u lous.! If  the wealthy famous do not look good at 40; heaven help the rest of us.

Brighton, Rock;  you definitely do not.
03/10/2012 15:11
Great to see Ms Diaz looking great at 40, but just have her try motherhood once! and let her come back in a year's time and see if the tune will be the same.  Every woman looks great at any age, just how they feel will depend on their outlook.
03/10/2012 14:51
Just one more babylon w*ore for p*ssy boys
03/10/2012 13:52
what you`d do for a bit of **** like that !!
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