08/04/2012 12:19 | By Lorna Cooper, editor, MSN Entertainment

Caroline Flack says she'll stay friends with Harry Styles

Caroline Flack and Harry Styles (© PA)

Caroline Flack with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles

Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack caused a huge stir dating Harry Styles, then aged just 17. The TV presenter incurred the wrath of furious One Direction fans, even reportedly receiving death threats.

However, she has now broken her silence about the infamous liaison, which is now over.

Talking to the Mail On Sunday, she said: "We remain very fond of each other because first and foremost we are friends. We got very close for a time but that's between me and Harry; what happened is between me and him, and then, you know, we decided it was best to be just friends."

The TV star added: "Harry is adorable, he is a nice person. He was nice to me; we were nice to each other. We are still friends, he's brilliant, he is so much fun."

It's fair to say the level of interest in the match probably took her by surprise. "When you think of the real news stories - people around the world dying of starvation, being killed in conflicts or born into poverty - and then you think what I did - I went out with a younger guy and I am the front page news - it's just absurd," she stated.

The romance may be over, but the consequences continue.

08/04/2012 15:55
phew!  I was so worried about this I couldn't sleep at night!!   Tongue outCryingWink
08/04/2012 15:42
so what? ...     it's not like he is a little boy ...     what about the catholic church (and others) abusing and raping our children,  little children, where is the outcry over that.  It's time to get priorities right.
08/04/2012 17:02
lets face it whoever sent Caroline death threats over this .. are just.... pathetic!
08/04/2012 16:23
Live & let live,plenty more important things going on in the world.
08/04/2012 16:00

Caroline didnt actually do anything wrong!! Theres definetly more SERIOUS things happening in the world, Get a grip seriously, celebrities are humans just like all the rest of us!!!

08/04/2012 15:46

Im sure we can rest easier now they are staying friends !!!!


Who cares ?

08/04/2012 16:42

@josef bywalek- Wake up!

 MSN and the mainstream Media are owned by the Rules Class Corporations and peddle this crap to divert you away from REAL: ISSUES!!!!

Drip-feeding this baloney so you don't address the injustices THEY are imposing-as outlined including CENSORSHIP!!! Look at how many of the other stories you are prevented from commenting on!

08/04/2012 16:53
Couldn't care less, just get on with it without having to be in the media all the time!!
08/04/2012 18:23
Caroline Flack says it's just between me and him - as she announces this to the whole world. Says it all really.
08/04/2012 17:10

Age is just a number and if they are happy with it then sod what other people think!

  What was it jesus said? He who is without sin may he cast the first stone! Just as I thought not much throwing going on is there

08/04/2012 15:24



08/04/2012 15:37
@LJ Fisherson: People like you really annoy me! If you think this is not news and something that you are not interested in, then why must you come onto this article in the first place? 
You are just as bad as the "idiots who read this". If this is a topic that interests them (e.g. it interested me). Then is that not good enough for them? Uk.Msn provides plenty of other new pieces, a lot of world issues or what is currently happening in the world. Why don't you just read them instead of commenting on here just to leave a ranted comment? 

Think about it...
08/04/2012 17:57
i agree with you caroline it has nothing to do with any one else, dont understand what all the fuss was about, in fact i think you should go back with him, just to **** everybody of again. 
I dont think it was the age difference that caused the stir. It was because she looks as though she has been round the block a few times and he looks like a total virgin.
08/04/2012 15:58
If anyone has bothered to read the comments from Ms Flack she also wonders why her whatever it was with Master Syles was newsworthy, as she rightly says there are other things happening that should be of more concern.  Dont think I ever heard J Lo or Ga Ga want to deny the limelight to make mention of world wide atrocities committed everyday.
So everything is really really nice. Great. It was nt the age difference that caused the stir I think it was because she looks as though she has been round the block a few times and he looked like a total virgin.
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