12/07/2013 14:30 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Celebrity baby bumps 2013: The Duchess of Cambridge does a Demi Moore?

The Duchess of Cambridge... not!

A model poses as the Duchess of Cambridge (© Alison Jackson)
  • A model poses as the Duchess of Cambridge (© Alison Jackson)
  • Celebrity baby bumps 2013 (© Rex)
  • Celebrity baby bumps 2013 (© Rex)
  • Celebrity baby bumps 2013 (© PA)
  • Celebrity baby bump watch (© PA/Rex)
  • Celebrity baby bumps 2013 (© PA)
  • Celebrity baby bumps 2013 (© PA)
  • Celebrity baby bumps 2013 (© Splash)
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We have to admit, we were ridiculously excited when we first came across this picture of the heavily-pregnant Duchess of Cambridge 'doing a Demi', posing nude and showing off her lovely baby bump! How very 1991 of her. And un-royal...

However, upon closer inspection it's actually one of the best spoof photos we've ever seen by celeb 'faux-tographer' Alison Jackson, who takes realistic snaps of models to look like actual famous people! This one is brilliant!

'Kate' has posed in a style mimicking Demi Moore's famous 1991 Vanity Fair magazine cover, where she went nude with her baby bump.

We don't expect the real Princess Catherine to ever do this, so we'll have to make do with this uncanny photo by Ms Jackson!

Kate is due to give birth to the future king or queen of England any day now: there are already rumours that she's in labour!

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13/05/2013 16:45
When I come to power the phrase "Baby Bump " will be banned closely followed by "Celebrity" and "Epic Fail"

You have been warned MSN

That is all    >:o/

13/05/2013 19:12
That Frankie has piled it on hasnt she


... ( OMG ! ... everywhere I look,  I have bumps in front of my eyes !!  ...


... ---- just what the f#%* is goin` on, eh ?  ) ... ... ... ... (... hahahaha ...)    ~

13/05/2013 18:17
Halle Berry is just another baby mother by useless men.
10/07/2013 17:57
Notice that Mr Price has his right arm in a sling. Too much wrist exercise? Can't say I blame him, living with Katie Chavenstein.  
How rude passing remarks about a pregnancy bump.
12/07/2013 19:04
what talent has gok wan got the next thing you know he will have a cookery prog it seems that all these so called cellebs can turn thier hand to any thing i wish i was that talented

11/07/2013 01:28
What a fcuking UGLY slag. What kind of bloke would want to stick his d*ck in her of all women!!
13/07/2013 10:45
The photo of the fake Kate is disgusting and should be banned!
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