05/03/2013 12:15 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Celebrity lookalikes: is this Rylan Clark's long lost brother?!

French model Baptiste Giabiconi bears a striking resemblence to the Celebrity Big Brother winner

Rylan Clark and Baptiste Giabiconi (© Rex)
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When we clapped eyes on model Baptiste Giabiconi at the French premiere of Oz: The Great And Powerful, we did a double-take - what was Rylan Clark doing at a red carpet premiere in Paris?!

The model was linked to Katy Perry shortly after her split from Russell Brand, and he's only recently started to resemble the X Factor reject/CBB winner, thanks to his Rylan-esque facial hair.

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10/01/2012 02:08
Its quite incredible someone is being paid to produce this garbage.
10/01/2012 12:48
Is the person that complied this list actually looking at the people.   These so called celebrities don't look anything like each other
10/01/2012 11:44
****.... Who put this poll together? Katherine Jenkins & That thing from TOWIE? Mariah Carey and Freddo the Chocolate bar? Seriously, worst Poll EVER!
10/01/2012 01:03
Im sorry none of these look alike! And how dare you compare Jodie Marsh to Ariel! 
10/01/2012 01:14
insult to the little mermaid who is far prettier!
10/01/2012 14:02
10/01/2012 07:25
10/01/2012 02:35
i feel insulted on Ariel's behalf... :,( 
MSN gets worse by the day. Like an online version of Heat magazine - total trash.
10/01/2012 09:53

This is possibly THE WORST attempt at an article MSN have EVER produced! None of those 'celebrities' (who?) look like their pairing except a passing resemblance where they both have 2 eyes and a nose and similar coloured hair (sometimes).

Some at MSN needs a boot up the rear end....

10/01/2012 17:31
worst set of lookalikea ive ever seen.
10/01/2012 01:16

*uck me. Another pile of **** by Lucy Mapstone. Who is paying your wages? They need a good shoeing.

10/01/2012 09:58
Georgia looks more like Nicole Sherzinger than Kim Kardashian (and I truly hope Katherine Jenkins doesn't see this article).
10/01/2012 11:43

I don't think any of them look like each other, particularly not Chloe Sims and Katherine Jenkins, that is an insult to Katherine, look at what Chloe has done to herself.So unattractive.


I don't see the similarity between Kim and Georgia either, Georgia is very skinny, just because she sticks her hips out when she poses, it doesn't mean she has curves.That is also not her natural skin colour, that is blatantly fake-tan.


I don't see the hype about any of the BB girls this year, their all the same, typical, trashy glamour girls.None of which I think are even that good looking once the layers of makeup comes off, people sure do give sluts way too much attention for what their worth.

10/01/2012 17:41
With the right make up girls, false lashes, hairpieces, nails, boobs and so forth, you too could look like these clones.
10/01/2012 12:22
10/01/2012 06:13
Jodie Walsh looks like Ariel???? O_O MSN u are idiots!!
10/01/2012 16:01
no cheryl looks young and fresh unlike natasha
10/01/2012 09:50
What is the purpose of this article? What a load of rubbish no one cares so this is redundant.
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