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Celebrity selfies: David Beckham shares a topless selfie on holiday

Celebrity selfies: Pope Francis

Celebrity selfies of 2013 (© AP)
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Pope Francis
The Pope caused a stir earlier this year when he posed for this selfie. Pope Francis sealed his reputation as a bit of a cool Catholic when he let youths take the snap inside St Peter's Basilica.

29/12/2013 11:08

We live in a selfish vain era of celebrity culture where people are not famous for having a talent. So instead of actually looking at Rihanna's musical output (which is sh*t), she is judged on her in a bikini or taking photos of herself with a monkey. In fact the output of that monkey's a*sehole has more talent in it anything Rihanna has ever done.

29/12/2013 13:52
Be fair now, they love themselves, nobody else does, poor things. Oops! am I being bitchy. Ah well who cares.
29/12/2013 22:04
Unfortunately we are all guilty of becoming part of a selfish society, it is all me, me, me - sadly
12/03/2014 19:30
Oh my God - Vernon Kay is a 'celeb'?!?!?! No - he's a cheating game show host - please! I'm hoping Joan just thought he was there to take a drinks order or something …. "Darling, 2 daiquiris please...'
I don't get it celebs complained about the paparazzi taking snaps but now they are doing it to themselves.most probably it's because no one turns up any more to take pics in fear of a law suite. 
12/03/2014 21:07
since when has Vernon kay been a star.just a poxy tv presenter.doin low rent shows that have past their sell by date years ago..
10/03/2014 20:16
Selfies have been going on for years its nothing new
04/03/2014 21:11
Typical Yanks....the pic says it all.... Oooh look at us aren't WE amazing and the best we just LOVE ourselves !!!.....bunch of deluded morons !
12/03/2014 19:26
What's Vernon Kay doing in there?  Cnut.
06/03/2014 15:02
Give it up....we see enough of these arseh..es!!!!
29/12/2013 19:09
Yeah take those selfie shots just like the celebs so the NSA can lift all your data and face scan you - unless you already posted your photo up to Facebook and the like win which case don't worry you already  scanned.
Read the T&C's and how your cell phone has back-door tech that enables agencies such as the NSA to gain access remotely without your knowledge.

Or could just keep having your brains turned to goo by establishment controlled media such as MSN which is only interested in social engineering your dumbed down brainwashed mind.

Thumb me down Zombie morons and keep celeb watching - after all it's what's really important as we voluntarily surrender our rights and are sucked into the technocrats authoritarian control grid.
13/03/2014 12:22
How pathetic is joan collins for doing this because she missed out on the other one!!
12/03/2014 19:36

come on, don't we see enough of these people.......

the ones that have been round the block several times...

with picket fence white teeth, wigs, and overdone make up...

selfies will be this generation FLAIRS at time cool but a few years down the line "just what were they thinking"
28/12/2013 17:20
Real beauty spoilt by additional artwork, , Why, Why Why!
13/03/2014 00:34
03/04/2014 11:45
Another drag up from 28/12/13..
Please stop this MSN.
03/04/2014 11:23
What a bunch of narcissistic to55ers. Ed "MINIBRAIN" is so pathetic he'd go to the opening of an envelope if he thought it would get him publicity! Also, how(and who) is Joey Essex????? a celebrity? I always understood celebrities were meant to be well known. Now it seems, so long as your mother or close relative has heard of you, you're a celebrity!
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