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Celebrity splits: 2012 gets off to a flying start!

Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy

simon cowell and mezhgan hussainySimon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy (© Wire Image)
  • simon cowell and mezhgan hussainySimon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy (© Wire Image)
  • Heidi Klum and Seal (© WireImage)
  • Tulisa and Fazer (© Rex)
  • Andrea McLean and Steve Toms (© Rex)
  • Russell Brand and Katy Perry (© PA)
  • Gethin Jones and Katherine Jenkins (© PA)
  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (© AP)
  • Katie Price and Alex Reid (© Getty)
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2011 had more than its fair share, but the way 2012 is shaping up already, it could turn out to be an evenbigger year for celebrity splits...

X Factor mogul, and king of sarcasm, Simon Cowell has finally confirmed that he and make-up artist fiancé Mezhgan Hussainy are no longer an item.

The SyCo director told the Daily Mail, "It's not on, it's not off, it's somewhere in the middle."

"I don't know if I will ever get married, but I am happy." He said.

Ultimate bachelor Cowell has confirmed his relationship status after months of speculation surrounding the couple.
"It is quite a complicated relationship. We have had a break from each other, and we are still incredibly close." He added.
Cowell also said he felt a responsibility toward he ex-girlfriends financially, saying he didn't pay them off but does 'support' several. Well, what else is he going to do with his £200 million fortune!

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01/01/2012 12:59
My only surprise is that it took her 14 months to realise what a knobhead she'd married!
23/12/2011 17:47
Who gives a toss?
Adultery, affairs, one night stands, visits to seedy clubs. That is show business. 
30/12/2011 21:13
Latest News.
Russell Brand files for divorce from Katy Perry.
I am now double depressed and overcome by grief that I don't think I will last the night.

MSN Get a grip. I take it that MSN means Microsoft News, and this is news?
Am I missing something here for I thought that news meant exactly that, news about current affairs, news about the world and what is going on around us, things that affect MOST people and even news about sporting events which I am sure will feature heavily when the Summer Olympics occur but news about celebs and wannabes which often amounts to gutter trash news???

01/01/2012 15:15

I think MSN are the only ones 'surprised' by the splits of any of the people mentioned above.


So Jenkins and Jones are both broken hearted ?????

What a load of tosh ... do these people really think  the public believe a word they say ?


People who 'tweet' are as boring and inane as a human being can get.

Why do they  think others are interested in what they had for breakfast, when they have a dental appointment etc etc etc .

Tweeting is hugely responsible for the dumbing down of society.

God help us all.







I think MSN are the only ones  surprised by the splits of any of  the people mentioned above.



30/12/2011 14:42

If they spent less time on their careers and more time witheach other things may have worked out. Or maybe they were not meant to be, all the same it is very sad to see such a lovley couple part x


01/01/2012 17:59
Celebrities need us more than we will ever need any of them.
29/12/2011 11:51

how are Katie Price's love splits shocking? she drops them if they dont get her in celebrity magazines every month and then she blames the tv cameras that she agreed to have in the first place.

01/01/2012 15:22

Anne Rootes


Sorry, not at present.


However, my new year's resolution is to find out how we can actually get in touch with MSN,

and plead with them to

 a) STOP the spam bots

 b) Let us post on ALL news items not just the boring so called celebrity news !

 c) STOP telling me my posts contain hyperlink or are spam !!!

Fingers crossed Eye-rolling


01/01/2012 21:48
no real surprise here for brand/perry...one having an overgrown ego with a LIMITED quickly becoming outdated comedy talent and into HINDI while the other is a californian candy pop girl who wanys to have fun and is a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN..what a recipe for disaster!...what DID surprise me was katherine jenkins announcing to ALL on twitter that BOTH her and gethin jones were 'HEARTBROKEN' over splitting...well if thats the case for ALL the world to read then WHY dont these soppy sad individuals get BACK TOGETHER and mend their BROKEN hearts!! Crying
01/01/2012 17:27
Katy P is looking fine but HIS face shows an utter despair, like he's seriously fed up.
01/01/2012 12:17
What's really amazing is why Perry involved herself with this reptile in the first place. It couldn't be money,she has her own...Can't be his sparkling wit and conversation...he's got none.He obviously saw this marriage as a sexual season ticket which he won't be renewing next season.On top of this he speaks just like a big girl.
30/12/2011 14:18
Sensible to part if you find you are not compatible.Just as well they didnt get married as too many fools rush in then realise when its too late they are not right for each other.I wish them both good luck in finding their right mate in life.
01/01/2012 20:00

who actually cares

they did what they wanted to do though.Thinking

01/01/2012 18:28
I'm really glad that MSN allow us to comment on some important and interesting issues?
01/01/2012 12:46
anyone paying money to watch this pair need help, who is interested in them breaking up!!!!!!!
01/01/2012 12:32
i have no sympathy for katy perry for allowing herself to be `conned` into this  pretentious agreement by none other than the `Delboy` of modern times, and a possible trannie! i dont like the man one bit and can only say how on earth did this guy get celebrity status in the first place!! sometimes i think these actresses/singers are just searching for a normal guy in the the celeb...when they should actually try looking in the normal places like people in normal jobs living normal lives...we are the real people...hello!!!!
01/01/2012 21:15
What took Katy so long she must have had a mental block to have married a complete uncouth disgusting moron at least she came to her senses before she caught something off him.
31/12/2011 15:29
30/12/2011 20:31



I dont give a long tailed rodents rear for this story, but perhaps MSN could re-open comments on REAL issues in 2012.


Only the polyfilla of celeb drones are available for comment, not the REAL news that appears on the main pages.


It hardly seems worth typing comments on people whose public influence on most taxpayers lives is not worth a jot.



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