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Danielle Lloyd: I was a fragile mess – but now I'm stronger!

Danielle Lloyd for Closer magazine

A few years ago she was the party girl who was always hitting headlines. But now it seems life has quietened down drastically for Danielle Lloyd.

The former glamour model is now a mum (to Archie,2, and Harry, 14 months) and wife, after marrying footballer Jamie O'Hara recently. She's faced her fair share of insecurities and tough times, especially when she had to undergo surgery in February this year to have her breast implants removed. While undergoing the surgery, doctors found what could have been a life-threatening blood clot and she had to undergo an emergency blood transfusion.

Danielle Lloyd for Closer magazine

Now, despite admitting to feeling nervous, Danielle is showing off her new body since her surgery.

She told Closer magazine: "I've been feeling self-conscious about showing off my body, but it feels good to glam up and boost my confidence."

Talking about her traumatic surgery ordeal, she went on to say: "It was devastating. I never want to be that fragile again. I've struggled being naked in front of Jamie, although he's brilliant and says he loves my figure. The scarring bothers me, but I'm trying to get my head around it. I'm alive - that's the most important thing."

This week's Closer magazine covers

She's also received some not so nice messages on Twitter, but says: "People have Tweeted awful things since my op, like I've got 'flat tyres for boobs.' It's upsetting, but Jamie reminds me that all that matters is that we're healthy and happy."

Are they planning on expanding their brood anymore? She reckons: "I'd love a girl."

Danielle's interview appears in Closer's New You magazine, free with this week's issue, on sale now (Tuesday).

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