10/02/2012 11:52 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Danielle Lloyd reveals she ‘could have died’

Danielle Lloyd (© PA)

Danielle Lloyd has undergone a blood transfusion

Danielle Lloyd has undergone a blood transfusion after a blood clot was found in her body by doctors.

The reality TV star and model revealed on Twitter that the only reason the life-threatening clot had been discovered was thanks to a scheduled breast operation.

"Thanks 4 ur support had a scheduled breast op but Dr's found a blood clot & I lost lots of blood so now having a transfusion am in good hand & I will hopefully be home to my family tomorrow scary times love my family so much Xxx," she tweeted to her 193,000 followers.

The 28-year-old mum of two also hit back at critics who said that having breast surgery (she was planning to have her implants removed) was wrong, claiming that it literally saved her life.

She tweeted: "Also people might think am selfish 4 wanting a boob job but if I didn't have an op they wouldn't have found the clot & I could of died!"

The first hint she had left that something was seriously wrong was her initial tweet saying simply "blood transfusion", which she then followed up with the explanation.

Since her ordeal, she has also thanked people who donate blood. "@GivebloodNHS thanks to everyone who gives blood!X."

Danielle is engaged to Jamie O'Hara and the couple have two children together, Archie and Harry.

10/02/2012 13:03

My wife had a blood clot at x-mas , strange she did not appear here . She was in for nearly 3 weeks in hospital on pure oxygen and on the critical list , how long did she stay in hopital

10/02/2012 13:11

On a serious note: Glad Shes Ok.

However the doctors should have also attended to the clot on the brain that severly impacts her rational ability to be anything other than a useless plank.

10/02/2012 17:32
Love the fact that so many people are saying how pointless and pathetic she is (by the way, i have no opinion of her either way, just read this cause i was bored) yet you all manage to press the link to read about her...........if you don't like her then ignore her stories you muppets!!!!
10/02/2012 12:55
the comments below are disgusting if you read it properly you would read that she is promoting the importance of giving blood and how it can save lives, maybe you or your family might need one one day , i hope to god they don't but don't be so quick to slate people,  thankfully her decision to have her op for whatever reason was her choice and thankfully saved her life and her children still have a mother,  such small minded people , good luck with your recovery Danielle  x
Could've died. Another barnstorming read from the ever-crass MSN.

Where has all the talent in the country gone? why are we even discussing idiots like this and their totally unreal lives that are made up just to entertain a large part of the population who are no-hopers who can't even get off their backsides to get a life of their own...


Yes she is discussing an important issue ONLY because she went in for a selfish operation paid for by idiots!


My opinion and I'm entitled to it!

10/02/2012 15:47
To - Someone(nugent milicent)
someone should put you over their knee for saying that she deserved to die. That is a nasty thing to say and shame on you. You may feel that you know the girl though I doubt you know her personally, we all know what is portrayed in the media isn't necessarily correct as sensationalism sells papers etc. I'm not condoning what Danielle may have done as I don't know the girl; however saying she deserved to die is uncalled for, I doubt if you would like it if someone said that about you or one of your family. 
10/02/2012 18:25
wat a load ov poo who is she anyway?
10/02/2012 17:42
@ ianpickett (lorus123) Agreed, my dad died of Pancreatic Cancer last May only diagnosed in Feb why don't they publicise worthwhile news instead of all the so-called "reality tv star" rubbish!
10/02/2012 13:24

There for the grace of G go you lot.  The thing that she is promoting is giving blood.  Wonder how many of you give any of the red stuff.  I personally don't follow her but what right have you to say that the people that do are morons.  I wonder who you follow so does that make you a moron too???

Be careful what you say about brain damage as you may in the future have an accident, suffer a stroke etc.  Someone might then ridicule you !!!!!!!!!

10/02/2012 19:45

another has been making news who is she?


10/02/2012 21:50
Who is she ? why is any interest given to people like this ? what wonderful things has she done to help people ? looks like another vain bimbo messing about with breast implants.Yawn.Thats so boring now and old news. Try being beautiful from inside, then it shines outwardly.
10/02/2012 22:32

I had a friend die less than 12 mths ago to a blood clot she was only 34 yrs of age , Danielle go into hospital to have a op ov her self enhanced boobs and survives a clot life is so unfair , my friend had been goin to the doc complaining of a moving pain and they send her away with nothing more than paracetomol 2 wks later she has died leaving 4 young boys without a mummy her youngest baby bein only 8 mths old , i am glad Danielle's boys still have a mummy but it goes to prove if she hadn't been spending her partners money the clot may not have been found ( money and fame always help)

10/02/2012 16:46
Why on earth should we give two shiny sh**es about this nasty fake-chested bully!
10/02/2012 13:23

Hope Danielle Lloyd gets better soon.


Theres some nasty people on here who it seems to me dont have jobs or anything better to do with there day.

11/02/2012 00:37
I can understand people asking who she is, as I don't know either.
But c'mon guys, this is a human life you're trash-talking about here. I can understand you not liking her, but wishing she had died? That's below the belt, even if you don't like her. It's sad enough that countless people die from such things, as others have said, we don't need to be actually wishing someone had died. Have a bit of humanity!
11/02/2012 05:07
i dont think anyone likes her some how
10/02/2012 22:08

Most of us that donate blood do not need a Z-lister to promote donations,people such as her self my actualy put people off. ALSO why is it that every god dam nobody air heads like this ALWAYS NEARLY DIED !!!

Just my opinion like it or leave it ,by

10/02/2012 12:42
Who gives a monkey ? Not me, that's for sure. Doesn't the media have anything of interest to report ? She would benefit from spending some of her fortune on some basic spelling and punctuation lessons !! It makes her appear so thick - oh, hang on . . . .
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