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David and Victoria Beckham enrolling children in London school?

David and Victoria Beckham with their sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz (© PA)

David and Victoria Beckham are said to be returning to the UK for good after enrolling their children at a private school in London.

The Mirror has reported that the Beckhams have found a £15,000-a-year school for their sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10 and seven-year-old Cruz. Their one-year-old daughter Harper is said to have been registered at a nursery in the capital.

A source claimed: “For David and Victoria, the children come first. They have spent months researching schools and after visiting a few earlier this month, have found one they agree on.

“It’s an independent school and will not be fazed by having celebrity children on its books. Both David and Victoria’s families are all delighted too as a return to London means they will see so much more of the children.”

Victoria was also spotted house-hunting in December in London, fuelling the rumours that the famous family is to move back to the UK, but apparently not back to their Hertfordshire mansion Beckingham Palace.

The Beckhams have lived in Los Angeles for almost six years but are moving away now that David is leaving football team LA Galaxy. The football icon has been offered places at several teams around the world but it is unsure as yet where he will take a job.

Sad so sad comments. The Beckhams are not freeloaders, they will be paying for all their children's education. They have paid more tax in one week than most  pay in a life time .They are a clean hard working loving family that take from no one giving thousands and thousands to good causes .Please just lets start looking for good in our fellow man and maybe the world will be a better place to live in Happy New Year to everyone
01/01/2013 14:43
Good looking family - all the best to them. Not sure why so many people have such a negative attitude. Must be brilliant to have a life style that you are comfortable with and the children well provided for. I will just dream
01/01/2013 13:09
For heavens sake Victoria, smile - you are always looking glum!
01/01/2013 15:42
doesn't worry me where they choose to live but please  Mr Media don't  have them on the front page every day        
01/01/2013 14:57
All of these negative comments are just horrible. I feel completely neutral about them returning to the uk. None of you negative idiots actually know anything about THEM or their children. So stop badmouthing people who you don't know and leave these people alone. Its bad enough dealing with paparazzi without having to deal with people like you, especially for the kids. They are just kids who have a comfortable life and probably want to blend in and be normal.
01/01/2013 14:34

Who cares anyway,i suppose we will have her miserable face in the papers every week from now on.

01/01/2013 14:30
01/01/2013 16:53
I wish them well.  David has allways been a ambassador for the Uk.  Give him some credit.  You can see heloves his family.  Victoria's face is just a front............They are a nice family.  Not often seen these days.  Good luck to them.
01/01/2013 13:32

Victoria isn't smiling because she forgot to put her teeth in!!

01/01/2013 13:54
sick of hearing the name

David and Victoria Beckham usa can keep them





01/01/2013 15:11

Yet again another pout, still no photo of him looking at her...wonder why...


01/01/2013 16:04
Decent player and throughly decent bloke.Far better behaved than most of the chavs-****-footballers around at the moment.Always been a bit over glamourised but he has handled it well.His wife is a clever woman and has managed him... At the end of the day how many of us would like to be in the position they are in quite a lot I'ld imagine,so what ever they do wish them the best of luck and let them get on with it,so I say to David and his family good luck for the future your a nice person pity there's not more celebs.like you
01/01/2013 16:09
hey the mans made it in life good look to him (c.mon posh smile )
there going to look odd in london with that pale skin
01/01/2013 15:34
Who cares?  One more grumpy woman to join the pile already here. How does he put up with her? Maybe she should get in a designer burkha and we wouldn't have to put up with her strunts.
01/01/2013 21:03
Why are we jealous of somebody who gets paid alot of money for kicking a ball around and his fish face wife who never smiles, but has everything, I think you need to re think why a lot of people dont like how these rich people flaunt themselves, why would we want to know about a family who spend a quarter of a million pounds on a holiday, Jealousy is the last thought in my mind, personally I admire people who get paid alot for curing cancer, scientists, surgeons who have saved lives, the nurses who have looked after us when we needed them in our hospitals, the Paraylmpians and Olympians who attended our 2012 Olympics, the list goes on, `jealous' mmm I dont think so.
because they are coming back to uk does that mean we will have to suffer them EVERY day in the papers. he is only a footballer and she is a failed pop singer. i would like to know does she really design all these dresses??????????????????/
01/01/2013 20:45
The problem is the editor or editors of MSN do not possess have brain between them, they are subject to advertisers and the purveyors of unadulterated consumerism, who now purports to hold sway over a minority of the young who are talentless and will do anything to try an copy so called celebs such as the Beckham's. The general public at large see through of this tosh that's why the Beckham's get such stick.
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