01/10/2012 08:00 | By Emma Roberts, Entertainment reporter, MSN Entertainment

David Walliams talks of rehab stint


David Walliams (© PA)

Comedian David Walliams has revealed that he previously spent time in rehab to treat his depression. David checked into the private health clinic, The Priory, before filming began for Little Britain – the show that made him a household name.

In his new book, Camp David, the comedian reveals that he first started getting ‘black moods’ at university but it became serious when he started filming the BBC comedy Cruise Of The Gods in 2002. 

In a diary entry, written when he was filming Cruise Of The Gods, David wrote: “Today the stone in my heart turned into a rock. News reached me that my  ex-girlfriend had a new boyfriend. The tears started.  I went outside. Suddenly the crying was uncontrollable. I stood out in the car park, bent double with grief. I crawled back to my dressing room and lay on the floor, sobbing”.

He added: “I had never experienced this level of pain or emotion before. It was terrifying. I was shaking. It was like I was having a nervous breakdown or going mad or both.”

In his autobiography, David writes: “Many people who suffer from depression confirm early morning is the worst time. There is no one to call. Your friends or family tell you, ‘Call me at any time’. But at 4am you don’t feel you can.
“It’s dark outside – there isn’t even the sound of the birds to keep you company. So I would lie there until the curtain edges grew light and the room took shape.

“It was not just the terrible elemental sadness I felt, but fear. Fear of death, fear of life, fear of love, fear of everything.”

A matter of weeks before Little Britain’s first series went into production, he told comedy partner Matt Lucas that his psychiatrist had suggested he go to The Priory in south-west London.

The comedian reveals in the book that he left The  Priory after a week with ‘a paper bag full of anti-depressants and sleeping pills’, and then went to live with his friend Rob Brydon.


01/10/2012 10:25
Wish i had the money to go into the priory
01/10/2012 12:21
i cant beleive your realy married      hahahahahahahahah    cos your so camp
01/10/2012 16:39

Mr. Walliams is undoubtedly a very talented individual in many ways. However, like so many such people, he is also self-obssessed to the point of neuroses; viz his constant need to be noticed and in the lime-light, especially now that he is what is know as a "celebrity". His work for charity is no doubt well-intentioned, but the cynical might argue that it is all part of his need to be loved to the point of worship by his adoring "fans". (After all, the motives of the noblest of deeds frequently do not bear too close an examinatiion, to paraphrase Swift).

Fear not Mr. Walliams, you are in good company in The Priory with the legions of other self-obsessed celebrities!!  You'll be announcing next that you're finally coming out as gay or bi-sexucal, have kicked a booze and drug addition and your father beat you up when you were a little boy. You'll have ticked all the boxes then, won't you?

01/10/2012 12:33
This bloke is a weirdo ... he's gay, he's not gay?  Now he wants to be 007.  P-leeeez.
01/10/2012 17:33
people think that depression is a feel sorry for me , but its not gud for him if he can afford to go into priory ! at least he doing something to help himself no matter what his sexuality is for god sake let the man get better regardless,,,,,!!
01/10/2012 13:38

Good for him if he could afford it and it made a positive change in him.


If I had the money I would most definatley take full advantage, being mentally ill and being under the 'care' of the NHS is farsical

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