03/04/2012 10:19 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Davina McCall: I have horns on my loins

Davina McCall might be one of the UK's most-loved TV presenters after stints on Big Brother, The Biggest Loser and the Million Pound Drop Live, but being one of the most famous faces in the country hasn't stopped her from revealing her 'naughty' side to Heat magazine.

Davina McCall (© Heat magazine)

Davina as a naughty Brownie in Heat magazine

Dressing up as a 'bad' Brownie for a photo shoot, the woman who has become a household name shared details of her mischievous persona to the magazine.

"I have horns on my loins," she said, detailing one of her tattoos.

"It's funny when I wear a bikini, because you can see the horns and you could be forgiven for thinking there's a goat head down there.

"I have an alien on my arse, but I'm not going to show you that," she joked.

She continued: "I have chilli peppers on my shoulders, which everyone thinks are carrots, so I'm going to maybe get those covered up. I've got my flower. It looks like a vagina with balls, but it's actually a flower."

"I had my nipple pierced when I was about 25."

Heat (© Heat magazine)

It's not just tattoos that the 44-year-old uses to showcase her wild streak - she's also had some pretty interesting piercings too!

"I had my nipple pierced when I was about 25, and my tummy. I thought the nipple was brilliant - it sensitises it - but [my husband] Matthew didn't like it, so after I met Matthew I took it out," she revealed.

Speaking about the funny photo shoot, she said it was "the best shoot ever".

She explained: "I am naughty Brownie. I was top Brownie bitch. Then I went into the Guides for a bit, but I got bullied for being posh. So I binned the Guides."

To be fair, we always suspected Davina had a bit of a wild side!

The full interview appears in this week's heat, on sale now (Tuesday).

03/04/2012 14:09
03/04/2012 17:38
Along with kerry katona, davina mccoll please vanish from tv never to be seen again. She must have done every tv presenting job going. Enough already
03/04/2012 16:34

Witchy  Poo from HR Puff n Stuff !!


Just shows how many talentless people there are on TV !!

03/04/2012 12:29
Dirty old thing...still would though .
03/04/2012 13:58
she can have all the rope she needs! :)
03/04/2012 20:30
Please take this desperate middle-aged woman away someone. And if a bloke did this sort of thing he'd be panned for being a weirdo, especially with the gross detail she seems to feel the need to 'share' with us. Yuck!!!
03/04/2012 17:47
Im suprised shes got any loins left,bin round the block abit as davina/druggie.bin well tommed.
03/04/2012 13:13
you'd have to kick her out after though, she'd want to talk for hours.
03/04/2012 18:09
i think i'd let her creep into my tent late at night Embarrassed
03/04/2012 13:49

I think she's ace and I love her fitness dvd. If you want a good tattooist to cover up your dodgy ones, Davina, my nephew is absolutely brilliant. He's in Mirfield, (West, Yorkshire) and spends a lot of time correcting other tattooists c*ck-ups. Everyone is well satisfied when he's finished. And yes, of course I am bias. He's my nephew and brilliant at what he does.Open-mouthed

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