16/04/2012 12:54

Did Simon Cowell have affair with Dannii Minogue?

Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue (© Rex)

"Genuine love" - Simon and Dannii

Simon Cowell has sensationally admitted to an affair with his fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue... or so it seems.

The 52 year-old music mogul made the claims during an interview for an unauthorised biography, called Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell, by journalist Tom Bower.

Bower has previously authored books on Richard Branson, Gordon Brown and Robert Maxwell, and won the 2003 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award for Broken Dreams, an investigation into corruption in English football.

"I had a crush on her. It was Dannii's hair, the sexy clothes, and the t**s.

"I was like a schoolboy. She was foxy. She was a real man's girl. Very feminine. It was genuine love", said Cowell.

Rumours of them dating surfaced in 2007 when they were pictured in a car holding hands after Children In Need.

Later that year, Cowell was quoted as saying: "Dannii reckons there's a picture on The X Factor website where I'm staring at her bottom. I probably was... but I think most people would if they were sitting next to her. She was probably sticking it out on purpose.

"Every guy in the world fancies Dannii. She's become a sex symbol since joining the show, and the contestants love her. She's got that Sophia Loren, movie-star sex appeal, I love sitting next to her."

The book also reveals that he turned his attentions to Cheryl Cole when she joined the show in 2008, claiming he wanted an affair with her, despite the fact she was still married to Ashley Cole.

Following reports of his alleged comments, Simon Cowell's spokesperson declined to comment.

15/04/2012 19:41
Ladies ladies simon had an affair I read nothing to say he forced her she also had an affair with him it takes two to tango,do you honestly think he is the first to pull women, have you not noticed the amount of younger women who marry older rich men. I am a 65 millionaire  I live in spain and south africa, and have many girl friends none of them over 40  why , I treat ladies as ladies don't watch football drink and get violent, treat them to flowers chocolate and an expensive life style and make love to them not just bonk them  [you ladies are such a soft touch]   imagine laying on a yatch in the harbour at monaco for the F1 grand prix its done  for the rich and famous many young ladies with older men there
15/04/2012 15:43
well wouldnt anyone fancie Simon Cowell
15/04/2012 14:30
awwwwwwwwwwwww  i  think  its so  sweet 
15/04/2012 18:54

I'd jam it in her....MILFage..


He's right about her being a real mans women


all you men want to get rid of your GREEN EYES


so he had something you all only dream of sleeping with get over yourselves


he is not bad looking and got more money than all of you all put together lmao

15/04/2012 18:37
How's that a surprise anyway...! Incest and inbreed are condoned in many aspects of our society... This shows once more how desperate some women can be...!
15/04/2012 20:02
i think simon is very sexy to all you haters out there and i would go with him if he was penniless
15/04/2012 18:16
I'll shake the hand of any man (or woman, you know you all want to) who beds Dannii! Well done son!
15/04/2012 14:34
congrats @ janet jackson you get the prize for being a troll and posting the first poisenous and nasty comment...well done hon

2nd rate aussie and a short ar..d...pr...k from england who makes music for 8 year olds,which she sounds like on a mike... yippie do......ive had more useful information saying my local florest has had more flowers delivered.the audience for his programmes is merely 9 million viewers which makes the other 66 million in this country doing better things with our lives.....i wouldnt wipe my a..e with this story.in the quote of her equally ugly sister she shouldnt be so unlucky to of dated a bloke who wears his strides up round his shoulders and platform shoes like gary glitters to make him tower above the average dwarf at 5ft 5.
15/04/2012 15:54
Lol, sure didn't see that coming but why not Danni is lovely.  And he's okay too.
15/04/2012 17:21
who wouldn do Danni !! i would have asked for her sis to join in as well, my hero Simon at 52 "u still got it pat" lol :)
16/04/2012 09:09
well from what im hearing hes not happy in the relationship hes in SIMON STOP HURTING YOUR WIFE and get a divorce if you like other women because your defiantly not happy in the relationship your in now!!!
15/04/2012 21:15
well i wish i could earn like simon ,he's only doing what every other person would do if they could earn the money simon is earnig,i say good luck to him and live it up ,were only here once so make the most of it.   ,, good on you simon ,,now send me  a ticket to your show love it so funny ,,,lol
15/04/2012 18:32
well id say he just likes attractive women ;-)....but  not Dannii ! LOL
15/04/2012 19:49
simon is too lucky :( Danni is my dream girl!!

Omg i meen i look up to as u put together One Direction but seriously an affiar!?!?!?!? Of course Dannii is very pretty but i think u should of admited it when u first found out u both loved each other!!!


22/04/2012 18:13
16/04/2012 11:18

Never liked Dannii anyway, good on him, he's a self made man, no one twisted her arm, if she was involved with someone then it makes her a rather loose woman

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