18/09/2012 09:35
Dita Von Teese and Harry Styles: potential new couple?

Dita Von Teese and Harry Styles

Dita Von Teese and Harry Styles (© Rex)
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Is Dita Von Teese the next older (but by no means old!) lady Harry Styles has his eye on?

Well, we're not saying yes but we'll never say never: you just never know with the One Direction star! With a penchant for beautiful women over the age of 30, the 18-year-old could well be casting an eye over a potential future lady as the two sat next to each other on the Burberry Prorsum front row at London Fashion Week.

And Dita's love history hints at a love of slightly odd choices when it comes to partners - she famously dated Marilyn Manson, so a big haired pop star toy boy could be perfect for her. Maybe.

18/09/2012 13:40
In the industry we call this scraping the barrel. 
18/09/2012 12:55
This is no doubt MSN making up another story. OMG they sat next to each other, that must mean something is going to happen! Get a grip. She's way out of his league and judging from her past, an adolescent, fresh out of school boyband member is not what she's into.  
Hes gay thats why he wants to be seen with loads a women
18/09/2012 14:16

Why you giving this item the time of day, come to think of it, why did I read it.?

Must take him ages to get that just out of bed hairstyle.

Can't wait until the recording company decides he's old hat and shows him and

his mates the door. All bands should have to play their own instruments!

18/09/2012 15:33
what the **** is this knob doing at this event anyway ??????????
18/09/2012 17:50

So basically according to trash MSN any women within a mile of Harry Whatsit - hes going out with ?

On the bus train or plane - they are fair game ?

I see the Muppet from MSN who wrote the article - probably in yellow crayon didn't have the balls to include their name

What a  crock  

18/09/2012 14:49
 Dita has way more class  than to look a  nobody like him 
18/09/2012 13:21
he is the typical little goon that stalk older women, he makes himself look like an idiot. needs to learn poor little boy
18/09/2012 13:40
These people come straight out of a comic book, to quote a phrase.
18/09/2012 19:49
They may be sitting next to each other, but it's obvious they are not looking at each other.  Come on MSN, stop making silly speculations and give us something worth reading.
gotta love harry styles he's just 4ucking anything that moves lol
18/09/2012 11:57
LOL harry and dita von teese look so adorable together 
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