06/08/2012 11:08 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
First look: Imogen Thomas shows off baby bump

Imogen Thomas

Pregnant Imogen Thomas shows off her baby bump (© Rex)
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Imogen Thomas only just announced that she's pregnant with her first child, with boyfriend of 10 months Adam Horsley, but she's already showing quite a bit!

The former Big Brother star and tabloid favourite was spotted in leafy Muswell Hill in London, cradling her baby bump. She is 12 weeks into her pregnancy.

06/08/2012 17:23
As soon as the Olympics is over, we're going to be bombarded with A-Z celebrity highlights .. lowlifes again. Was a nice change not having to swallow, stomach the sight of these people. Just the relevant facts MSN and get rid of the love/dating post. Sort out the hyperlinks and fix your spam button.  
06/08/2012 16:17
sorry but what the hell does this women do for a living???
06/08/2012 15:19
who give a fcuk about her, she is a **** in the celebrity circles, and most have had a good go.
the girl has no shame, she should just lay low and with her legs closed for a change.
06/08/2012 19:19

 Are you sh!tting me MSN!!??!!

 Follow a link about Gary Barlows kid being stillborn and find a fluff piece about happy women holding their baby bumps............wow, talk about utter ,sick and twisted epic fail.

06/08/2012 18:30
never in a million years is she 12 weeks preggers get a grip! 
06/08/2012 16:12
Does she know who the daddy is? She can always go on Maury.
06/08/2012 19:11

If she doesn’t have a caesarean she will lose interest in her most popular hobby. If I was Imogen's latest 'Boyfriend' I would demand a DNA test.

06/08/2012 16:54

do us a favour Imogen nobody ,and really nobody cares ,are you not embarassed by your need to be in the public eye ,I wish the press would stop showing these people ,  I'd rather see jessica Ennis someone who has worked extremely hard to get to and achieve her dream, thats who we should be focusing on ,not pointless publicity seeking I wish I was a celebrity. 

06/08/2012 15:04
12 weeks??? I don't think so, not unless shes having multiple babies! She definatly wouldn't be that big at 12 weeks with just the 1 baby.
07/08/2012 08:15
Met imogen last year seemed like nice girl
06/08/2012 20:58
congratulations imogen i hope everything goes well for you and take no notice of the moron brigade and their stupid purile comments
07/08/2012 00:15
my thoughts are with you sorry for your huge loss x
06/08/2012 21:36

good luck hope all goes well, luv to you both ****


06/08/2012 19:26

MSN Why are you letting all these Penny Stock and Dating Agencies on here disguised as comments. Don’t you want sensible debate on the crap subjects you put on here ?

06/08/2012 19:17

WHY ALL THESE SPAMs  -  This MSN comments page is being ruined by these Spam-er’s

06/08/2012 19:14
I don't understand what the interest is in her.  She hasn't done anything other than try to sleep her way into the news.
06/08/2012 15:39
That is more than one, or has she got her dates wrong/
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