05/09/2012 08:15 | By Kerri-Ann Roper, Senior Editor, MSN Entertainment
First pics: Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway's loved-up date night

Cheryl Cole's date night out with Tre Holloway

Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway out in London (© Rex)
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We've heard the rumours and now we've got the pictures to confirm it.

Cheryl Cole's new love, that is.

After much speculation, she's been snapped out on a romantic dinner date with backing dancer Tre Holloway.

The pair look very loved-up as they leave London's Samosan restaurant.

See their cute night out...

05/09/2012 09:45
Another slapper in the news.......why for goodness sake.
05/09/2012 09:17
Is she running out of European black men to "date" she still as Africa to conquer plenty of choice there .
05/09/2012 08:53
yawnnnnnnnn! GUESS WHAT? NO ONE CARES!
05/09/2012 10:16
All very staged, must be a new album on the way
05/09/2012 09:35
05/09/2012 10:18

Are there any photos of them actually looking each other in the eye.  I haven't seen any.


Don't think it will last - as they never do.  Once he's got his few moments of 'fame' (hahahaha) he will be off the menu.

05/09/2012 09:08
why the **** does she always always have to have a black guy?? Has she got a thing for black dicks???
05/09/2012 08:52
yawnnnnnnnn! GUESS WHAT? NO ONE CARES!
05/09/2012 10:14
Who's getting fed up with all this ****e on MSN , who's shagging who , who's wearing what and were Pippa Middleton and others are now . who cares not me . it's getting more like a womens mag every day
05/09/2012 08:45
My god she can not pick them can she. She has not learnt a thing about men poor girl .
05/09/2012 11:14
Lets be honest no white man in his right mind would go anywhere near the talentless chav Cheryl Tweedy and this is another example of any excuse to get her publicity and surprise surprise the sling has disappeared. However the car crash that has been her solo career still continues.
05/09/2012 09:42
What happen to the, " I want to go out with 'normal guy' next time". Pfffff
when will you get over it girl black is not bigger only a myth
05/09/2012 09:58

she likes it black thats for certain


05/09/2012 10:08
Oh my isnt she came a long way!  well thats the joys of being a pop thingy star???? i still say she to up-her self lol
05/09/2012 09:38
at least she is consistant,ashley "ole king"cole,williwannabee and tree hollohead
what is it tweedie,"don't the white man sing the blues"
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