08/08/2012 14:19

Gary Barlow ‘overwhelmed’ by condolences

Gary and Dawn Barlow (© Rex)

Gary and Dawn Barlow

Gary Barlow and his wife Dawn were this week mourning the loss of their daughter Poppy, who was delivered stillborn on Saturday 4 August.

Condolences from fans and celebrity friends poured in for the Barlows, and Gary has now taken to Twitter to thank everyone for their support.

"Your kind words and lovely messages are overwhelming. Thank you," he posted on the social networking site.

A source close to Gary's Take That band mates also told The Mirror that "they are all utterly distraught for Gary".

"The boys are such a tight bunch and this has really knocked them all for six. They will always be there for him."

It is unsure as yet whether Gary will join the rest of the group at the Olympics Closing ceremony on Sunday night, as they are rumoured to be performing.

Fans of the singer and X Factor judge have also showed their support by setting up a Just Giving page for people to donate money in order to raise awareness of stillbirth: the page is called 'For Poppy Barlow', and has raised well over £3,000.

08/08/2012 16:14
This is something the family will never get over unfortunately. We lost a baby partway through pregnancy, and three years later we are still grieving, even though we were just heading into the 2nd trimester. Losing a child is the worst thing in the world a parent could ever go through in my opinion, and it's so sad that anyone has to go through it.

May their baby Poppy sleep in peace with the Angels, as does my little Bonni. God took his little treasures home to keep them safe. Prayers for every parent out there who has ever gone through this terrible tragedy xx

08/08/2012 15:32
I had so many fears when I was with child, and this was one of them: Stillbirth. I understand what they're going through because, personally, I would be truly devastated. I hope they have the strength to move on together with their young family. Bless.
08/08/2012 17:00
however much money and success you have, there are somethings you have no control over. my heart go,s out to you both. sending you love.
No words could be said at such a sad time, but I am sure everyones thoughts are with the Barlow family. God bless to little Poppy, and to you Gary, Dawn and family.  
08/08/2012 21:11

my thoughts and prayer go out to u both


08/08/2012 21:34
theres some sicko's out there writing crap like its what you deserve!!! i dont know how these people dare. theres people commenting on this story that dont know him (myself included) and yes all we get is what the media portray him to be. BUT at the end of the day its a family that have lost a baby. ITs a child that has died before its time. and no matter who you are or how much money you have, nothing takes that pain away. so all you idiots writing crap on this story should be ashamed of yourselves. i just hope to god it doesnt happen to any of you because like one sicko stated instant karma is gonna get you. RIP Poppy Barlow and all the other angels taken away too soon.
08/08/2012 20:45
Hope you are feeling ok Gary and Dawn. Very sad news. My little Brother left us this way. Take good care. Love from many to you both. **********
08/08/2012 19:59
There aren't words to express how sad that news was and is over the loss of Poppy. The world a star that now will always shine above us.
08/08/2012 19:21
youd think anyones never lost a baby before....ok its sad.its not like they cant have any more,and aint they got enough already...just cause he's in the media,anyone would think he's the only person who's experenced it.Its happened to me.You get over it
08/08/2012 19:44

Such a lovely couple you are, as a Gran-Dad, wish I could meet you and put

my arms around you both. Life is so difficult, we never know what's around the

corner. God Bless.

08/08/2012 19:29
Gary and family I am so sorry about your baby, just hope that you and your wife are well and the children are alright.  I love your voice, I love to see you singing, you are the very best and don't worry about the Ceremonies, we know that your heart is there with the Olympics.  I am your biggest fan and take good care of yourself and be well.  You have brought so much happiness to people and your voice will live forever.  Be peaceful your baby is in heaven. XX
08/08/2012 17:49
So very sorry to hear your sad news,Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family.GOD BLESS X X
08/08/2012 17:13
I have had a still birth in my family. You never forget them but every day gets easier to cope. Am thinking of you both at this sad time!
08/08/2012 21:56
G man, just want you to know. ( sung to the tune of Ole Black Magic)
         When your weary, feeling small,
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry dem all.
  I'll take your wife, when darkness falls, and pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled waters, I will lay ye down.

                  Peace Man.

08/08/2012 21:35
Gary,  we'd all understand if you wanted to "Let It Be" so to speak on X factor this season BUT you wouldn't get paid then....... and after all is said and  done its the money that matters to you so.......
   "make it your own up there" and "play that role".......  the sheeple will keep phoning in.....
               ............"Here comes the Sun"   

PS  I think Tulisa is up for it .......... ( help with the grief etc etc etc)
08/08/2012 20:25
My heart goes out to you and your family. Thinking of you ****

08/08/2012 23:45
goodnight little angel you are at peace now.you are both in our thoughts at this very sad time god bless you both & your little angel may she rest in peace xx heather pumfrett
08/08/2012 23:43
Goodnight Little Angel sleep tight.so sorry for your loss of your beautiful daughter but she is with the angels now xx god rest her soul you are all in our thoughts & prayers at this sad time heather pumfrett
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