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George Clooney released

George Clooney has been released after he was arrested during a protest outside Sudan's embassy in Washington DC. The actor was protesting against Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir, The Associated Press reports.

George Clooney has been arrested in Washington (© Reuters)

George Clooney has been arrested in Washington

US entertainment website TMZ reported that George used his one phone call after he was arrested to call his mum - bless!

When he was released, Clooney revealed that he was hoping to bring attention to situation in Sudan - he said:

"We are trying to bring attention to an ongoing emergency. Our job right now is to bring attention to it. One of those ways was apparently getting arrested."

He then added, "You never know if you are accomplishing anything. We hope that this brings attention to it. We hope that people understand that there really is a ticking clock on this and we really need to get moving."

The actor and active campaigner met with President Barack Obama at the Whitehouse on Friday 16 March to draw attention to the ongoing problems in Sudan.

Clooney and the protesters have accused al-Bashir of provoking a humanitarian crisis and blocking food and aid from entering the Nuba Mountains in the county's border region with South Sudan.

The group of people who were arrested, including Clooney, were warned a number of times not to cross police borders outside the Sudanese Embassy, but they failed to adhere and were handcuffed and put in a US Secret Service vehicle.

On Wednesday, Clooney had spoken before members of Congress about the worsening situation in Sudan, stating: "What you see is a constant drip of fear."

Clooney's spokesperson commented on the arrest.

"They were protesting the violence committed by the government of Sudan on its own innocent men, women and children. They were demanding they allow humanitarian aid into the country before it becomes the largest humanitarian crisis in the world."

16/03/2012 16:37
Another 'up himself' non-politician involving himself in matters other than for what he is known. At least moments like this take the spotlight off of the Irish fellow Bonio and Mr Sting
16/03/2012 16:48
Another yank poking his **** nose in.
Yeah. Like it makes a scrap of difference.
16/03/2012 17:04
How much would this much publicity have cost if Mr Clooney had not been there, and probably briefed the press before hand about what he was going to do? Probably a very good cause, but come on George, a good boost to your profile at no cost. Running out of films to do?
16/03/2012 16:51

george please, don`t lose your cool, we all know what`s going on it`s only a matter of time, the years have taken a toll on all of us ...

Black Sheep

16/03/2012 16:58
clooney will get off with what he has done
16/03/2012 17:07
"It makes a refreshing change to see a person with such social standing to make such a stand for people who are in so much need of support and help, and with total disregard for his own well being and status."

I thought you were being sarcastic...but you're not. He doesn't give a s**t about those people, and neither do the hordes of other celebrities who campaign for such things! Which apparently, don't visit the rock you've been living under. He's just trying to make himself look good, it's the same reason they all own a **** prius. Because it makes them look good and then they can make smug, self satisfied statements about how bad they feel about all this humanitarian bulls**t which has never once affected their rich, happy, money-filled lives. They don't care, no one really cares that much. I'm not saying it's not horrible, but you can't change they way the world works.
16/03/2012 17:25

Typical American publicity seeking  ****.

While millions starve in the US.

While millions die for lack of affordable medical help.

While US policy kills countless thousands around the world. 

The likes of Clooney (Looney?) posture and pose for the cameras.

Enough to make me vomit.

Lock him up and throw away the key.

Or better still give him a month inside...he will come out with a well used  hole that you could drive a truck through. 

16/03/2012 17:30
I guess the publicity stunt has worked then because the majority of you on here seem to be kissing his arse already. Think about it. If he really wanted to help, he (unlike us) has the money to physically make it happen, he could probably feed an entire town in Sudan for a year using just the cash in his pocket. But instead of actually doing something about it, he's standing around outside embassy buildings infront of cameras. A real humanitarian (who could afford it) would buy up a load of food and aid, charter a plane there and actually go round handing it out to the people who need it.
16/03/2012 16:52

Thats right Mr Izzard, only politicians have the right to speak out against injustice!



Very upstandin?.A bit like Cameron dashing to Obamas aid over the looney soldier shooting incident.Why though,and what will be the outcome?

Probably more bombs going off over here in retaliation, I shouldn't wonder.Thanks.Well done Dave.

16/03/2012 18:35
@Grant Stain

I agree with you both whilst the oh so righteous come on here to posture and declare their oh so sacrosanct humanity just like armchair radicals and revolutionaries who slum it when there's something to protest about and spend their weekends at soirées talking about it. For me, why should I be interested in what is happening in any other country but my own that have our own old people dying from hypothermia because they cannot afford to heat their homes, old people having to sell their beloved homes to pay for healthcare, old people who are mistreated in old people's homes, the plight of our disabled, the plight of our servicemen and women who have been maimed and disabled through war and are cast aside, children who are abused and mistreated and so on. The UK pours billions into International Aid and the likes of Band Aid etc too raises millions all to no avail. It makes no difference and simply makes some nation states dependent whilst they have no population control agenda like China to curb population growth. They just keep growing. Charity begins at home and when one cannot help and support our own folk, parading and posturing about others seems not only contrived but meaningless and shallow.


'Do you think one man can make a difference Mr. Oppenheimer?'


God I'm bored. 


Those who can........do.

Those who can not......Teach


Those who neither can or can not become politicians.

16/03/2012 17:03

oops- obviously not a medium for satire


16/03/2012 17:20
"Unlike the naysayers on here who are lower than scum, having seemingly lost sight of their own humanity."

You say naysayers, I say realists. Who don't just worship anyone who appears on the cover of OK magazine.
16/03/2012 17:14


I know exactly what sort of comment I should be making . . . which is why I made it. Some might call it 'Troll Baiting', others might see it as just ill-informed nonsense. Either way it will always bring out the very worst in certain people.

Have a splendid weekend.

16/03/2012 20:53

to adam

'to compare is to diminish.   It is great that people are interested in different causes & not all the same one.

22/03/2012 05:36

hey Adam - Through trial and error the world has really moved from 'buying up a load of food and aid, charter a plane there and actually go round handing it out to the people who need it' as this creates a cycle of dependency and no sustainable development. Though I dodn't agree 100% with what George Clooney is doing, his way is probably more sustainable than yours beucase once these people  have their freedom they will be able to work to get themselves out of poverty rather than wait for 'handouts from charter planes'.

16/03/2012 17:34
Adam- good point, but that would only be one lot of aid- if public pressure changed the situation in sudan they would get a whole lot more
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