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Jamelia left shame-faced over Bono blooper

Jamelia attends the premiere of 'Flight' in London

Jamelia attends the premiere of 'Flight' in London - 1 (© © WENN)
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The Voice judge Jamelia is adamant one of the biggest stars in Irish rock history wouldn't cut the mustard on the TV talent show.

The Superstar singer was put to the test on radio when Today FM presenter Ian Dempsey played her a clip to see if she would turn her judge's chair around for a "random guy" singing, prompting her to reply, "It sounds cute but not for The Voice of Ireland, no I'm sorry... He's kind of in tune but he sounds like he's kind of talking - he's not really singing but he sounds like he is having fun."

But to her shame, the man blasting out Neil Diamond's track Beautiful Noise was none other than Bono.

And Jamelia was left horrified when she discovered the truth, saying, "Oh no, I'll just go home now shall I? Why is he singing like that?

"This is like going to England and offending the Queen - trust me to do it."

And talking of tension, the British beauty insisted she will continue to have face-offs with her fellow coaches, especially Sharon Corr: "I think we have artistic differences, we are both very musically passionate and I think it shows."


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