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Ke$ha hires personal glitter expert

Kesha arrives at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios

Kesha arrives at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios - 1 (© © WENN)
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You may have heard of personal hairdressers, make-up artists and chefs, but now Ke$Ha has gone a step further by hiring a personal glitter expert.

Ke$ha is known for quirky dress, outrageous comments, and her love of glitter. And now she has let her fans into the secret of how she is always covered in the shiny stuff – by having a personal glitter assistant.

The Tik Tok singer has explained she used to have a slightly unorthodox method of covering herself in glitter in the past that wasn't exactly kind to her skin.

Ke$ha told U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, "When I first started I was just young and naive and I used to bathe myself in beer and then roll around in it (glitter) and then I started getting a skin rash... It worked, but the beer was fermenting my skin."

Realising the error of her ways she looked for something that would be kinder to her skin, and for someone to apply it. So now she has a glitter expert, named Santa of all things, to fill a bath tub with baby oil and apply the glitter to her skin.

Ke$ha adds, "He just kinda follows me around and makes sure I'm always covered in glitter, because I feel it would be seriously a disappointment if I was ever seen without it... When I get out (of the bathtub), his really hard job is just to make sure it's covering every inch of my body."

If Ke$ha's fans think they will escape the glitter experience if they go to one of her gigs, think again. She added that another of Santa's duties is to rig up glitter cannons that explode over the audience.

At least they have a long term reminder of her gig when they're still picking sparkles out of their hair a week later.


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