25/09/2012 14:04 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Imogen Thomas hates her ‘fat’ pregnancy body

Despite the fact that she's proudly been showing off her growing baby bump over the past few weeks - and is posing in a bikini with her five-month along bump on full display - Imogen Thomas has claimed to "hate" her fuller, pregnant body.

Imogen Thomas (© Now magazine)

Imogen Thomas feels that she has 'lost control' of her body in pregnancy

The former Big Brother star, 29, has posed for the unairbrushed pictures along with an interview in Now magazine about all things baby weight and what the future holds for her modelling career.

"I know it's natural and it's just my body preparing for childbirth, but I hate how big I'm getting," she said.

"I've lost control of my body."

She added: "I've always been a control freak about my body, but now I've definitely lost control."

On the topic of what she's eating now that she's eating for two, she admitted she's really craving junk.

Imogen Thomas (© Now magazine)

Imogen Thomas poses next to a window

"I'm eating crisps every single day and I've got a whole cupboard full of chocolate, biscuits and crisps," she admitted. (Er, so do we and we're not pregnant - is that bad?)

"My boyfriend [Adam Horsley] saw it and said he was disgusted," she added.

Now magazine

Now magazine - out today!

"I love cheese, too. I wish I didn't because it's the most fattening thing you can eat, but I just tell myself; 'Baby wants them!'"

As for her future (she's a model, not just a tabloid favourite, you know) she reckons she'll be able to get back into things... if she manages to lose the weight.

"When I found out I was pregnant I rang my agent and asked how it'd affect my work. They told me that, providing I can get my body back, I can return to modelling," she explained.

Imogen also said she'd "try every diet under the sun" before resorting to plastic surgery, but she wouldn't rule it out.

She's also keen to have her pre-pregnancy body back within four weeks of giving birth.

You can read the full interview in this week's Now magazine, out Tuesday.

25/09/2012 19:13
This is a talentless person who will stop at nothing to gain any publicity. There are women who are desperate to have a child and this poor excuse exploits another situation. Please stop giving this attention seeking waste of space any more publicity!!!!
25/09/2012 16:08
I wish this nobody would stop appearing in the news. She's achieved nothing!
25/09/2012 17:03
Its not so much this girls figure thats awful but more specifically her revolting,attention seeking,egocentric,self serving,nasty and vain nature that appals most of us. 
25/09/2012 20:27
really you hate your fat pregnancy body, it didn't stop you making money from it
25/09/2012 16:20

Well she can't be that bothered by it. As she wouldn't be standing in her under garments. YAWWWWN another fame hungry nobody

Not too much to accept a good offer for this photoshoot...............!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not fat, it’s pregnant!! Some of these people should not breed FFS. I loved pregnancy, yes it has unpleasant things to cope with but being a pregnant mum does not get any better. I have two gorgeous children and don't want more, sometimes I miss being pregnant. It’s possibly the most womanly thing there is.


Simply more talentless, selfish, vapid non celebrities needing attention and publicity, will do and say almost anything to get it. Really sad that these are portrayed as role models for the young by the media. I would be so disappointed if my two girls followed this type of drivel and proudly I can say they do not, they make better choices from being aware that there is more in life than ones self.


 Didn't do well at school dear? Never mind, you can be a celebrity.

25/09/2012 19:11
So your boyfriend calls a few of your cravings disgusting? Well, good luck to him when you give birth is all I can say! I take it there'll be a nanny breastfeeding and changing nappies too.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,And if her boyfriend is so "disgusted" that she has a few crisp and chocolate treats, he's probably the sort of so-shallow-you'd-struggle-to-drown pillock who will expect her to walk out of the delivery room and into the gym with a concave stomach when the baby is 10 seconds old and be whining she's "let herself go" if she isn't in full make-up and designer wear by 6am every day!
25/09/2012 15:09
pregnant women are beautiful. what a wonderful time for a woman. Unreal this poor lass is not educated in anything more than sexy and how to show it off. Silly woman. I'm not able to discribe with great skill how womanly, sexy and desirable a pregnant woman is. Ok to a teenager its quite obviously not a great look . silly woman!
25/09/2012 14:53

giggs definatly doesnt want her now!

25/09/2012 22:23
Getting fat whilst pregnant, well I never how awful!! What did she think would happen. Now she will have someone else to think about apart from herself
25/09/2012 19:11
So your boyfriend calls a few of your cravings disgusting? Well, good luck to him when you give birth is all I can say! I take it there'll be a nanny breastfeeding and changing nappies too.
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