04/10/2012 09:57 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity

Imogen Thomas shows off her baby bump

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Imogen Thomas isn't staying at home with her feet up now that she's pregnant - she's using her baby bump as a fashion accessory and taking it out on the town!

The reality TV star wore a super-tight dress that accentuated her growing tummy to the Total Hair Experts launch party in London last night.

Imogen Thomas (© Getty Images)

Imogen got caught in a downpour outside the Ice Tank Studios but took some time to pose for photographers before she ducked inside.

We think the mum-to-be looked amazing but she tweeted that she'd developed 'baby brain' and had forgotten her lipstick. "Oh the rush!!! I always seem to forget my lipstick these days!! Such ag haaaa!! X"

Once inside, Imogen mingled with other celebs including Danielle Lloyd, TOWIE's Lauren Pope and Made In Chelsea starlets Millie Mackintosh and Louise Thompson. Ex-Sugababes singer Keisha Buchanan DJed on the night.

04/10/2012 16:49

Oh she's not moaning about it this time ?

Yeah I got a comment for you......who is this person and why should I give two fricks about her baby bump?  Has collins dictionary changed the definition of the word celebrity to mean anyone who has been on low rent no mark television for ten minutes? Get a grip MSN you are supposed to be reporting newsworthy items!
04/10/2012 23:02
oh bore off who gives a **** about this z lister !!!!!!!
04/10/2012 21:25

I dont know why the media are giving this sl*g the time of day, cuz last time i checked thats what she was.

04/10/2012 19:01
Who's the father then?  She has a thing for married footballers so which one could it be?
05/10/2012 08:11
Who really gives a ****, come on!!!!!  It's a slapper who slept with a footballer at the end of the day....... All I'm seeing is a 5 month pregnant woman who looks waaaaayyyyy too far gone for 5 months - Dad to be watch out !!!!!!!!
05/10/2012 08:32
Is the father a married man?? Thats her usual style, few bob in the bank too.....what an example for our young people of today...and shes holding her head high.....slapper who is out for all that she can get, poor child will be up for photos in mags as soon as its born!! No morals this woman...none at all!!! VILE.
05/10/2012 16:38
Oh bog off you stupid bint - who gives a stuff about you and your bump!
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