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Jason Manford on ‘Trolls and Gary Barlow’

Jason Manford (© PA)

Jason Manford has had his say about 'Trolls and Gary Barlow'

TV comedian Jason Manford has posted a blog in which he defends Gary Barlow, who recently lost his daughter Poppy (she was stillborn), while shaming the internet trolls who attacked his motives for performing at the Olympics Closing ceremony so soon after her death.

On the evening of the Closing ceremony, Manford posted on his Facebook page: "Fair play Gary Barlow. What a superstar. Don't think I could perform after such a tragedy, amazing".

He was stunned when, just a short while later, his post had received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

However, he was just as stunned at some of the negative and thoughtless comments that were left on his status update and has since written a heartfelt blog post about Gary Barlow and internet trolls. The term 'Trolls and Gary Barlow' is currently a trending topic on Twitter.

In his post (which you can read in full here) he calls out four members of public who "disappointed" him with their opinions.

"First up is person A... who wrote: 'money first with mr barlow lol.'"

He added: "Now firstly, I suspect that he never actually 'loled' at his own comment since, well it's not funny and secondly it's not factually correct."

He went on to bash the anonymous writer for claiming Gary had chosen to perform at the gig for monetary reasons.

He also called up three other critics who slammed Gary for various reasons, including one who claimed he "hasn't been respectful to them [his family]" and that she'd "never forgive" her husband if he worked just a week after losing a baby.

"What an unbelievably stupid thing to say person B," he wrote.

"As for it being 'disrespectful to his wife' and 'putting his job before his family' again, shut the f*** up. You do not know what goes on behind closed doors. For all you know, Gary could have spent the week sobbing his heart out in his bed, under the duvet and saying to his wife, 'darling, I don't think I can ever perform again' and his wife could quite possibly have said 'Gary, please sing that special song for me and Poppy, it will make us all so proud'.

He added: "Now I don't know either, but for you to presume the worst just because you 'don't like the bloke' or think he's 'completely up himself' is a disgusting trait in a human being."

Gary Barlow performed with Take That at the Olympics Closing ceremony (© PA)

Gary Barlow performed with Take That at the Olympics Closing ceremony

His profound blog has prompted a social media storm, with Phillip Schofield praising him for his words and support.

"Jason Manford on Trolls and Gary Barlow... Pointing out, that with the genius of social media, come utter gobshites," he posted.

The term 'Trolls and Gary Barlow' has been a trending topic for most of today as people praise the TV star for his words, as well as the continued praise for the Take That star who put his bravest face on for the stunning Olympics Closing ceremony.

Read the blog in full here - we advise you to read it and share it as much as possible.

14/08/2012 13:32
Some people feel safe and brave behind a keyboard! You should only type what you would say to someone's face.
14/08/2012 13:35

What the f""k is wrong with people these days, it must be drugs, people have become very sick.


My thoghts are with Gary and his family.

14/08/2012 13:50

I lost two daughters (suicide) and one daughter (accident).  just google my name to read my story.

It was so upsetting to read some of the 'sick' comments written by sick, small minded, immature 

individuals.    People are so stupid.   No amount of money will bring baby Poppy back!

Well done Gary Barlow...this poor man was still in shock, and yet it was a brave decision to go ahead with his performance.  


and for Poppy.......dance and sing with the angels.....God Bless...

14/08/2012 16:43
frankly i don't know why anyone would slate Mr Barlow for performing on sunday night. I think he showed true courage and bravery to come out into the public eye just 8 days after his daughter was stillborn. It is the most terrible tragedy any expecting parent face, it happend to Gary & his family, unfortunatly as he is a public figure we have all known about and shared their grief, the only "positive" (if i can call it that) thing to come from this tragedy is to highlight the dangers of late pregnancy, at 38 weeks gone you feel 'home and dry', just the birth to go and baby will be here, but this is often not the case for hundreds of parents across the globe every single day, it's an awful realisation when the moment comes that you realise the baby hasn't moved for a while, you rush for a check up and the devestating news is given, at this moment you want your world to end, you see no way forward, then the doctor tells you that you still have to go through labour. you know there will be no happy ending but somehow you manage to get through it. the days and weeks that follow are horrendous, people avoid you, they don't know what to say, your future is in tatters your grief is crippling. this is awful for anyone but when you are in the public eye and your every move is up for critisism you are painfully aware that anything and everything you do will be scrutinised by all and sundry. did Mr Barlow make the right decision to perform? only he and his family knows the answer to that. i'm certain he will both regret and cherish his decision, personally i am so truly proud of him, i was bought to tears when take that performed, knowing full well the heartbreak and tourment he was going through. Mr Barlow i have the utmost respect for you.
14/08/2012 16:55

Someone called Anna Key keeps replying to posts with comments about Gary Barlow's tax bill! What is wrong with this person?  Does she work for HM Inspector of Taxes?This is not about money - the issue is the tragedy Gary and his wife have suffered in losing their baby daughter and this person shows nothing but gross insensitivity. Im not a Gary Barlow fan but I do feel sympathiy for him and his family and  am sure his performance at the Olympics was not easy. Im ashamed to be human when such sick, insular excuses for human beings are lurking out there?

14/08/2012 17:06
Internet trolls are not a new thing and sadly will not die off anytime soon. Its all too easy for people to feel all big and courageous behind the anonymity of the internet, even on here there is a complete and utter fool who thinks he can say things like that. Well i put it to all of you trolls out there come and say it to my face if you dare lets see how big you are then! Gary Barlow was brave in the face of unimaginable sorrow - a fitting tribute to the memory of his daughter i would say.
14/08/2012 13:36
I take my hat off to Gary Barlow for performing and being a total professional. It must've been a very difficult decision for him as both a grieving father and an entertainer. His private life should stay exactly that-private and everyone deals with personal tragedies and traumas in their own way. I am sure it was a decision that both him and his wife made jointly so who has the right to judge him? Total respect to the man and condolences to him and his wife.
I agree totally with what jason manford has written to these sick individuals,gary barlow was so brave to stand up and sing that song so close to the loss of his daughter,his wife and daughters  must have been so proud of him xx
14/08/2012 17:04

 i rarely follow these things but had to reply well done jason manford it was a heartfelt gesture to a fellow human being at one of the most distressing time in their lives.

And as for these trolls they are the scum of this earth,  using such a time to vent their idiotic views should be banned from these sites

i listen to gary barlow knowing he was relieving every second of pain he felt while being brave for his wife and family no one understands the pain a father has to suppress to be there as husband and father to three other children only ones who have been in this position could begin to understand

he sang with poppy in his every word and never has that song been sung with more feeling his fellow band members all stood by him while also suffering as families do so pls shut up and look in the mirror if u can and say am a human being so act as one and leave alone things u know nothing about

sorry jason if this became a rant as someone who has been close to a 2 sleeping angels i was cut to the core at the horror of these morons god bless lil poppy and all others born asleep and to all parents remember to talk to one another it will keep u strong xxxxxxxxx


14/08/2012 17:19

Yeah I can read Wilkpedia too. Barlow took part in the so called K2 scheme, no doubt advised to by his accountants,large sums are paid into an offshore account and he is paid back the minimum wage (£10,800 PA) he gets the rest as a "loan" which he never has to pay back, result he pays as little as 1% tax on his earnings. It's perfectly legal although clearly a loophole which the revenue are trying to close.Yeah to be fair it's a bit of a **** take, although frankly in his shoes I'd probably do exactly the same, given the alternative is paying 50% tax. What on earth that has to do with him and his wife losing a child and the subsequent vile abuse he has received from some "people" is beyond me.   

14/08/2012 13:44

Gary knew that it would mess up the closing ceremony if he pulled out & 'cause he's such an AMAZINGLY CHARITABLE GUY, he gave it his best.

Hopefully it helped take his mind off his personal tragedy.

As for Gary being money orientated, ask the people at Children in Need for whom he raised MILLIONS for.

When he climbed Kilimanjaro with back spasms, requiring hours of physio every day; was that for the money? Cos he didn't get 1 penny, it was all for charity.

He's written some classic songs, he's a decent singer and he's given a lot of time, effort and money to worthy charities....  He's also a good dad...  What's not to like?

14/08/2012 17:04
It makes a huge change for a celebrity to speak out with honesty at how sick some morons make him feel, knowing that the comments he make can make or break his career, and I beleive he knows decent people fully support his public comments.  The faceless morons, who are so proud of their comments that they neglegt to add their real names to them should go back to the bottom of the slimey pond from whence they came.  Whoever has to go thru the pain of losing a child should never be slated for trying to go on, no-one knows the heartbreak Gary and Dawn must have gone thru and are probably still going thru, but neither does anyone know that after talking they decided Gary needed to do the thing that makes him feel him, I am sure he had the support of his wife, and at the end of the day it is no-ones business but thiers.
14/08/2012 16:51

Jason Mamford has made his mistakes, and paid for them, so is no stranger to criticism and people who know nothing commenting on his life.  I thought that the ability to stick up for one another had long gone, so well done for stepping up Jason, knowing the inevitable crap that would follow.  You wrote beautifully, and from the heart.  I too thought it brave of GB to get up and perform, not letting down the competitors, volunteers, musicians, planners et al.  He could not have done it without the support of his family, and who knows how many shades of hell they are already going through.  The morons who write first, and don't think at all should be banned, or worst, ignored, for the spite they spew.


Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yes!  But not the vile diatribe that floats along the ether and finds itself in public domain.


Hats off to Gary, I totally salute the guy for his part in the closing ceremony!


All you trolls should be utterly ashamed of yourselves, you're just overgrown children who never matured in adulthood and kept the playground/teenage pub style nasty banter going past the point of unacceptability, thinking you're all comedians looking constantly for the opportunity to post "funny" one liners on the internet, thinking you're all that! Boy-men, overgrown boys with the emotional control of 3 year olds. You're disgusting and have no honour in any sense, you could all live 10 lifetimes and you'll never be half the man Gary has had to be through these difficult times and hey, I don't even like his music, but I recognise true quality when I see it and the man is just that!


To think in World War 1 and 2, young men had to fight and in some cases give their lives in battle, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near you scumbags in the trenches, you're all true cowards, yellow through and through in every sense of cowardice! And here we are in this day and age with adult children, time to grow up little boys!!!

14/08/2012 13:37
I don't like Gary Barlow as a musician, but I felt very sorry for him and his great loss. Where there are many intelligent people over the internet, there are also equally as many moronic fools who clearly will not prosper in life my merely bullying everyone.
14/08/2012 18:18



14/08/2012 13:56
There are always going to be trolls in all shapes sizes and disguises - they are sad and pathetic and very lonely trolls who have nothing in their life.  Ignore these disgusting creatures because every time you react to them, in some way you are giving them some meaning into their sad existence on this planet.  Sooner than later they will shrivel up and fade away into nothing.  Gary Barlow and family my deepest condolences to you all, thank you for the great songs.  You will shine for a long time to come.
14/08/2012 18:20
don't really think money is an issue for gary barlow?he followed through with his commitments and to be fair the people slagging him off would be doing the same if he hadn't  performed........what a load of f*****G idiots.....lol.!!have nothing but respect for the man.a true brit and makes u proud to be one.my heart goes out to the family for what they are going through at the minute...something no parent should have to go through.****

14/08/2012 13:33
Why do people bicker so much! leave Gary Barlow alone and all the people who have experieced the death of a loved one,  we all have our own way of coping. I am sure if the people who are so negative about this situation, had their lives in full view of the public the would be some negative comments. Glass houses, he who casts the first stone,  and all that...
14/08/2012 18:20
I have lost 4 daughters in my short lifetime,& i have been put down all my life,but this is not about me,it's about a human being who has lost a child,stillborn,it doe's not make any difference in life how one looses a child,the pain,&,grief can sometiems be so overwhelming,that everybody reacts in different ways,if Gary Barlow decides to perform because he feels obligated,or for what ever personal reason to him,&,the group,his wife,&,family then that is his private affair,&,nobody business but his,what i would like to know all these people that have made snide remarks or comments,have they gone through what any other parent has gone through,for whatever reason one may loose a child,more than likely no.Now i would like to say one last peice,my heart felt sorrow goe's out to you & all your family & friends at such a sad time,with due respect i wish you all the best,for you Gary Barlow,family,friends.
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