11/01/2013 14:45 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Jennifer Aniston defends Kim Kardashian

You either love or you hate Kim Kardashian - and that counts for celebrities too

Kim Kardashian (© Rex)
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All is not well in the Kardashian camp as stars are lining up to critcise Kim and her immense level of fame, which has come about not due to any discernable talents but thanks to her sex tape, reality shows, endorsements and, of course, her insane 72-day marriage.

Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hil and Jon Hamm have had enough and are publicly berating the obsession with all things Kardashian-related. But there's also a vocal section of Celebland that has been standing up for Kim, including Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and - would you believe it - Jennifer Aniston!

What do you think - have you overloaded on Kim Kardashian or is she free to live her life how she pleases? Find out what the celebrities have to say in our photo gallery...

22/03/2012 08:42
Kim is probably very grateful to these celebs and MSN for all this lovely free publicity. faux-celebs like her don't care what people say about them as long as they are being talked about, the only thing that would really bother them is to be ignored. But that's never going to happen because none of us can help ourselves but read these articles. It's car crash media, we know it's crap but we can't help see what lengths she has stooped to next in her pursuit of fame.
22/03/2012 10:59

The fact that she is smart enough to make money out of doing nothing is pretty impressive, and that is her prerogative, the public may not like it but the public keep fuelling it, we can't blame her for taking advantage of it.... to hate someone just because they are good at marketing themselves is pretty petty... if you don't like her you don't have to look at her... it's funny how people keep complaining about these types of people when all you have to do is turn off your telly or not read the magazine or net articles about them.. it's really not that hard!.. and to say that we should seize the money that they make from public stupidity is just insane!.. if that were the case then the politicians would be the FIRST on my list for that!!... to say that they don't have any talent and they should banned or whatever it is people are saying is also just stupid, they must obviously have some entertainment value to someone out there or they would be a non-entity!...  i have no love for any of these people but i don't watch any of their shows or really follow their lives in any way... it's not that hard to do!!..;)


22/03/2012 10:52
Sorry to sound dumb..... but, what is she famous for ???  or have i missed something ??
22/03/2012 09:02
It is a symptom of the decadent world we live in that anything like this should even be on the radar. This talentless non entity has made millions off the back of a very pretty face and some very effective marketing. Society really should step in and commandeer much of her financial assets and redirect them all over the world to keeping sick, thirsty, starving children alive ! Leave her with no more than say one million dollars to live out the rest of her life whist she looks for a proper job. 
22/03/2012 10:41
she is in the Jordan and Kerry Katona club.
22/03/2012 10:53

I have no idea who Kim Kardashian is,lol


22/03/2012 12:10
Wish i was mega rich for doing silly thingsSmile
22/03/2012 14:49
I'm just disgusted that they wear and sell fur.  Heartlessness like that wins you no fans
22/03/2012 11:35

Why are people who don't like others classed as 'haters'? To me, hate is a strong word which can only really be used if you actually know someone. To tar everyone who doesn't like Kim Kardashian as a 'hater' doesn't make sense, seeing as a lot of them probably don't know her personally!

22/03/2012 13:02

The whole of Western society, and especially the US and UK, is a cesspit of totally egotistic, hedonistic people at all levels, with a growing procession of narcissists of both sexes constantly parading and preening themselves in the media  (TV, Hello, OK, et al....). The sad thing is, they actually believe they're celebrities!! I've never heard of Ms. Kardashian, but she is plainly (no pun intended) just one more self-seeking bimbo, innit tho'? (Incidentally, the next time you see a celebrity on TV, count the number of times he/she uses the first person pronoun (that's "I" for people who were not lucky enough to attend a grammar school!Wink).

22/03/2012 12:40
This whole thing is stupidly ironic.
23/03/2012 16:31
I agree with Adam Gill. There are lots of famous for nothing celebs just look at Jordan. At the end of the day you only become successful when people buy your stuff so blame the consumer. If u can manipulate the market to make it work for you then good luck to you. Also to Bruce Wilson what does her "black boyfriend" have to do with anything? I don't see your point.
22/03/2012 12:44
At the end of the day if your smart enough to manipulate the media so there interested in your every move no matter how stupid it is. You deserve to be famous. Yeah i could say what all the other people say that there talentless etc but the fact is that they've made it. I think the reason why all the stars kick off about it, is the fact that its come so easy for the kardashians to be rich and famous.

And plus... Kim has an amazing badonkadonk. :D

27/03/2012 15:20
Pointless woman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
27/04/2012 16:25
who buys into  Kim Kardashian? not me there's an off button, same goes for towie, idiots watching idiots
02/04/2012 10:58
I do hate it when people get famous for doing F.A - talent goes unrecognised nowadays as you dont have to be able to do anything other than appear on T.V and be a total idiot to get "famous". However it is a bit insensitive ( or just plain stupid) of MSN to make an article dedicated to hating someone
22/03/2012 13:01
We are lucky really... its not as if she would come over here.....not likely to be the support act for Madonna ....!!!
11/01/2013 23:10
who cares another couple of women,that get by with their looks.totally,no talent and rely on men..........
12/01/2013 02:18
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