11/04/2012 10:13 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity

Jennifer Lawrence at war with PETA

Jennifer Lawrence (© Getty)

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has been criticised by PETA for a flippant remark she made in an interview.

They got a bee in their faux-fur bonnet when Jennifer was dismissive of the animal rights group in a Rolling Stones interview. When asked about the gruesome scene in the 2010 film Winter's Bone where she skins a squirrel, Jennifer implied that it wasn't faked.

"I should say it wasn't real, for PETA," she told the magazine. "But screw PETA."

They were quick to scold the actress for her joke. "She's young and the plight of animals somehow hasn't yet touched her heart," PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said. "When people kill animals, it is the animals who are 'screwed', not PETA, and one day I hope she will try to make up for any pain she might cause any animal who did nothing but try to eke out a humble existence in nature."

Jennifer's getting a bit of a name for herself for being at war with four-legged co-stars... In the 2010 drama, the 21-year-old's character guts a squirrel and rips the flesh from its bones. In Hunger Games, which has made her a worldwide star, she hunts animals for survival.

11/04/2012 11:53
PETA bloody annoy me. They do a lot of good for animals but who are they to tell me I cant enjoy a steak. They say animals are not ours to eat but what happens when animals eat animals. Are they going to learn how communicate with Lions and tell them to eat grass like their prey. Yeah right the Lions will tear the idiots apart.
Good for her, PETA are nothing but a bunch of bullies. She is entitled to her opinion, it's still a free country here remember!!!
11/04/2012 12:00
PETA are ridiculous. I'm a vegetarian, & i dont wear animal products- that's a personal choice. I don't preach about it to anyone. I don't demonstate or bully people. They are an outragious group of radicals! I don't watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or any of the Kardashian shows so I'm not a 'fan' of Kim but i don't hate her because she wears fur, i couldn't care less. When she was flour bombed by a PETA activist i was disgusted. If someone had flour bombed an animal they would have been all over it but apparently it's okay to do it to a woman.
11/04/2012 12:06

Mark (Irish Wig)

the difference between us eating animals and animals eating animals is that they have not bred, adapted, mass produced & exploited other animals for their food chain the way we have. In the process clearing large areas for animal grazing, affecting our climate, natural balance  and resulting in wiping out numerous species.

Animals eat to survive, we use animals for food, pleasure, fashion, research and so much more

11/04/2012 13:18
I would not eat a squirrel, because there are better things out there to be eaten. I do not condemn anyone that likes a nice squirrel stew, or a fillet mignon of squirrel. How is it cruel to skin a tree rat when its dead ? after all you cannot eat the dead creature with its fur on can you ?
11/04/2012 17:15
This is blatantly taken out of context. It wasn't meant to offend PETA at all nor was she implying that animals don't have feelings. She was screwing being politically correct!
11/04/2012 13:46
PETA aren't doing themselves any favours by getting worked up about something as petty as this. Skinning animals for food is a basic necessity of life for a significant percentage of the human race and has been since we started eating meat. Nice to see it illustrated in a film instead of brushed under the carpet, as I recall the whole point of that film was to portray the bleak life of American hillbillies warts and all. A refreshing contrast to the usual saccharine American fairytale "white upper middle class living in LA" fare.

I've skinned and eaten grey squirrel, it was tasty enough and no doubt I'll eat it again some time. They aren't endangered, the one I ate was killed quickly and humanely with a shot to the head, and last time I looked every animal eats something else which is/was alive (whether it be plant or animal), or are PETA denying the human race are animals now?

11/04/2012 13:12
PETA...a company full of hypocrites, what a nasty organisation! extremists!  
She's from the deep south of the U.S. not Essex or even urban Manchester  ,so all that  hunting  ,shooting ,fishing is in the blood . In this country you would not be allowed to carry the 2 inch knife to skin the animal  ,never mind the gun ,so to most of us talk  of  any kind of  hunting is alien , hence the different mind set  . Hate any cruelty  to animals , but this has been made into a mountain from a molehill , People can make up their own mind , and  she has not done herself  any favours . Funny how people still think though that animals are not  killers or  never maim , have they never seen  elephant seals batter each other to death , or chimps attack a weaker  enemy  and kill & eat them ?  .And  many more animals are killers for the sake of it  , not just humans ! .
11/04/2012 15:07
@ Hayley.  You sound a like a deluded PETA follower that has not even got a clue about animals. You posted " humans are the only creatures that maim/hurt/destroy and brutilise each other - animals are better to each other." You really are a moron. Here is some examples. Young crocs have to swim and hide from adult crocs as they will be eaten on sight. Lions will kill fellow lion intruders and if a new alpha male takes over he will kill all of the cubs. Chimps will attack kill and even eat other chimps. They really know how to hurt them too as I seen a doc where they even ripped off sexual organs of their rivals. Or maybe you think the cute ones are nicer to each other, wrong. One of the most beautiful animals on earth Polar Bears will kill and eat young polar bears and males will fight each other to the death. These are just a few examples of many.
11/04/2012 15:18

@Mark Clyne

Don't try to mess with their Disneyfied view of nature....animals are cute and people that don't agree are horrid .

11/04/2012 16:15

Roger Haines - take the time to re-read your post to me and ask your self, "do I sound a bit stupid now?" , I'm having a rational debate about humans use of animals, and specifically in 'entertainment'. you have gone off on one about me being like hitler..... what are you on! there is no rationality in that, just someone trying to belittle others, and doing a bad job of it. no i don't value animals over humans, in some cases I even value humans over animals. What i really value is the consideration of a life, any life, why we take it and whether that is morally, ethically & sustainably viable.


however, niether you or Mark seem to have answered the issue of how our exploitation of animals compares to that of animals over aminals. Yes animals kill and not always for food, but never on the scale humans do and not for the benefit of war, cosemetics, fashion, industry, furnture & textiles the way we do. We mass produce, in bred 'designed' animals, in doing so we clear large areas for animal grazing which affects our world in a variety of ways, loss of habitats & species, climate change and the natural balance. our impact affects many other species as we disrupt the food chain.


animals don't have weapons either, they can't kill on the massive scale we can & do, just look at the demise of the rhino, elephant & tiger, thanks to hunting and the colonial view that we are masters of all. A true master is benevolent and cares for the less able, including all species.


Instead of trying to put me down, answer my question please...

11/04/2012 16:21
Roger - can you point me to where I said animals were more important to me than humans.... I've gone over my posts and don't see the reference.....
11/04/2012 14:14
These vegetarians live in an idealist fairytale land. They have the maturity of a three year old. No the squirrel wasn't called flopsy wopsy, it never had a name and would happily kill a human if it was a bit bigger. If it wasn't for squirrels Elvis Presley would have starved to death as a child, FACT. 
11/04/2012 13:12


So people who don't share your view are not worth your time and ought to die....how very noble of you your compassionate nature just shines through,its a real credit to your cause .

11/04/2012 13:47

Hey Hayley;

Not all animals hunt for survival, a good example of this would be the fox. The fox is a vicious animal and kills for fun or entertainment over survival. I'm not saying they don't eat kills but rather saying they kill more than they need. A recent case I can remember is when a young woman stopped her car due to there being a fox on the road, it wouldn't move, she got out of her car just to make sure it got away safely and it attacked her.

Animal extinction I understand, I have time for, unnecessary cruelty like strapping a firework on animal I understand. Battery chickens I also understand to a degree. However, when you try to make a baseless accusation where me eating an animal based product or someone wearing a coat of animal fur is somehow animal cruelty I die a little inside.


What really annoys me is that some people choose meat as a financial choice as they can afford a substantial piece or cut of meat over veggies. I'm not saying that is the primary or even the secondary reason why most people eat meat but those people do exist.


PETA flour bombed the Kardashians? First of all, I found that really funny. Secondly stop vying for media attention, if you tossed a flour bomb at everyone wearing one of those coats I bet your sympathy would die off really quickly.


PETA also hates GM crops, have no real reason and are backed by a political agenda. What the hell is wrong with feeding the world and enabling third world countries to grow produce with plants that have been specifically created to grow in harsh territories?


For every seemingly good cause you get behind you got crap like this damaging yourself ten times more. You stop progress and some members have very vague reasons for being part of your group. You don't understand things like organised culling or meat eating because your too busy being rigidly opposed to it and if by Gawd you had some solutions for these problems you're sure as hell not sharing them.


TLDR <--- Hey..PETA..stop it!

11/04/2012 14:02

dion B how many layers do people in poor and very cold countries need? in northern part of Russia they live in very bad and poor conditions where the only way is to survive is to kill, eat and wear coat from animals it is they know there and it is the only way they live.

I am happy for you that you spent winter in French Alps, it was your decision to go there and live in the van, but in some places people are born to those circumstances and do not have a shops or choice to go and buy layers of close that can protect you from much colder then -25 . So shell we send PETA there to teach them how to protect and care about animals?

11/04/2012 13:50

a dead grey squirrel

is a dead rat with a furry tail


PETA have their view

but so have the rest of us

11/04/2012 16:19

Her is my original response to your first comment on this thread  Irish Wig, you chose not to respond, maybe you would like to now...


Mark (Irish Wig)

the difference between us eating animals and animals eating animals is that they have not bred, adapted, mass produced & exploited other animals for their food chain the way we have. In the process clearing large areas for animal grazing, affecting our climate, natural balance  and resulting in wiping out numerous species.

Animals eat to survive, we use animals for food, pleasure, fashion, research and so much more

11/04/2012 17:13
One final thing. Why has nobody mentioned the cleavage on show. Id go veggie for that.
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