22/03/2012 17:38 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Jennifer Saunders: Kate Moss is only human – she hasn’t killed anyone!

Kate Moss' upcoming appearance on Absolutely Fabulous for Sport Relief is possibly one of the most exciting things in our world since the people at Philadelphia decided to mix their cheese with Cadbury's chocolate (more on that later) so we were thrilled to find out from Ab Fab star Jennifer Saunders that Kate is actually a really nice person.

"Kate's great," Jennifer reveals. "I've worked with her before when she did French and Saunders years ago."

Jennifer Saunders, Kate Moss (© Perou, PA)

Jennifer Saunders on Kate Moss: 'She's a real pro!'

"She doesn't have any airs and graces and she doesn't even require a make-up team; she's a real pro," she adds.

"That's why she works so much and why people like her. She's extraordinarily beautiful - she just does it, she's just cool!"

Kate is taking part in the Sport Relief one-off special episode of the hilarious satirical comedy, alongside Jennifer and Joanna Lumley, and it's not the first time she's done something funny in the name of charity.

But what about Piers Morgan's recent comments about the supermodel when he labelled her "utterly horrific" and a "real spoilt little madam"?

"I don't think she's horrible? I think he's pretty horrible," Jennifer insists.

"She's human. She's only a human being, we all have problems. She hasn't killed anyone!"

The iconic TV funny lady, who kept us laughing for years in her French and Saunders and Ab Fab days (we loved the recent Christmas special too!) also opened up about her other exciting new project: the upcoming Spice Girls musical.

"I never expected to say 'yes' to writing it because we've taken the piss out of the Spice Girls mercilessly for Comic Relief," she explains.

"There's no one being as fun as the Spice Girls anymore. I find the girl groups now are too oversexed."

"But I would be so cross if anyone else did this because the Spice Girls were so important when my girls were growing up. I would be so cross if someone messed that up!"

Are the Spice Girls - Victoria, Emma, Mel B, Mel C and Geri - all involved in creating this musical masterpiece?

"They're only involved in that they've given permission and I've told them the story," Jennifer says.

"But what they're great at is that they obviously had the best time as the Spice Girls so they love talking about it. They're smiling and laughing and they had such a great time - I want to convey that in the musical."

However, she reckons that the Spice Girls were truly special and that no current pop groups would ever be good enough to have their very own music in 10 or 20 years' time.

She says; "There's no one being that much fun anymore. I find the girl groups now are too oversexed.

"Some girl bands just wear heels and strut around on stage a bit and you think, 'oh that's so boring!'"

But why were the Spice Girls just so good? "Simon Fuller [their manager] was very clever because he didn't try to spin them or manage them too much," she says.

"It's how they developed their riotous behaviour and it looked like they chose their own clothes. They looked like they were having the best time!"

She also has very high hopes for the musical's success, stating that she "wishes it could be the new Mamma Mia!"

Jennifer Saunders (© Perou)

Jennifer with her Choccy Philly!

As well as bringing back Ab Fab with the world's hottest supermodel in tow and writing the musical that we've been all waiting for since 1998, Jennifer has been involved in something a bit... stranger. She's the face of the new collaboration between Philadelphia and Cadbury's - their 'Choccy Philliy'.

"It shouldn't work, but it does!" she insists.

"The weird thing is, when we were filming the TV advert there's a joke bit where I flop a load of cheese on a bar of chocolate trying to get across to people that this is one of the most revolting things ever. But afterwards one of the guys came up and ate the whole thing. I said, 'is that alright?' and he went 'it's bloody delicious!'"


"Yes! I would struggle with that but Philadelphia Light isn't too cheesy. It's more creamy and chocolately. It's a bit like a chocolate cheesecake, a bit nicer than that actually," she swears.

"And there's no reason you should feel guilty about it - there's only 86 calories per serving don't you know!"

According to the folks at Philidelphia, the two contrasting flavours of chocolate and cheese make a tasty and compatible pair - creating a cool and creamy chocolate spread. We're hoping the unlikely combination of Jennifer and Kate Moss in Ab Fab is just as good, too!

Jennifer Saunders found 'Choccy Philly' - which blends together Light Philadelphia and Cadbury milk chocolate for a truly unique taste - in her local supermarket. To see what she thinks in the new TV advert, or to share your thoughts visit www.facebook.com/philadelphiauk

23/03/2012 10:06

Ah .........so an MSN interview is now a blatant Ad and product placement.


Thought MSN couldnt sink any further and then they did. Eye-rolling



23/03/2012 11:43
I would not pay attention to Piers Morgan's opinion of anyone, the man is a complete maggot.
23/03/2012 01:28
About 5 or so years ago, Morrisons sold at Christmas, white stilton cheese with dark chocolate! However they didn't sell enough and after just a couple of Christmases they stopped stocking it. I have asked in many restaurants and quality food outlets since but to no avail, until now! As Jen says in the article, a bit like a delicious chocolate cheesecake. I still hope that they bring back the original white stilton with chocolate though, it was like an orgasm on a plate!
23/03/2012 11:25

"Orgasm on a plate". Remind me "not" to have dinner at your house................i'd be afraid you 'd ask me to wash up!!


Got freebie choccy philly and my mother & I found it had a peculiar bland taste and be both agreed that it needed a pinch of salt (of all things).which we added sparingly and it lifted it somewhat. But we are glad we did not pay for it and we are both in agreement we will not be trying it again!! 

23/03/2012 21:45
Looks like Kate's nose is crumbling for all she has snorted up it!
23/03/2012 09:20
I agree with you Pippa 3 but sad to say that if you think it was like an orgasm on a plate then you must pick some partners that have no idea what they're doing but I suppose it's cheaper than batteries! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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