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Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and other age-gap celebrity relationships

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (© Rex)
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are Hollywood's hottest new(ish) couple - and one of the most elusive - so we were thrilled when we spotted them heading for dinner while in London after the premiere for The Lone Ranger on Sunday evening.

Johnny and Amber have been an item for some time now, but it reportedly came to an end a few months ago after the openly bisexual actress was said to have left the Hollywood hunk for French model Marie de Villepin. But it appears to be back on for the painfully beautiful twosome, as they were seen hand-in-hand going for dinner at the swanky Cipriani restaurant in the capital.

Amber didn't walk the red carpet with Johnny (they've been keeping their romance under the radar) but things certainly seem to be ON for them now, right?

Johnny and Amber have joined our long list of celebrity couples with a sizeable age gap between them, as Johnny recently celebrated his 50th birthday and actress Amber is 27. That's an impressive gap of 23 years between them.

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07/12/2011 16:34
I love this debate. I am 22 and my partner is 41, together we have a perfect equilibrium, he's more immature than 41 and I am far more mature than 22 and together we meet perfectly in the middle. Neither his family (children included) have any problem with the age between us. Why should they? My ex partner (my own age) was violent, abusive and spiteful. My current partner is the total opposite. If the two people in the relationship are happy and content, and immediate family i.e. children, have no issues with the age difference then why should it matter? Love is blind. You do not know who you will fall in love with and if my partners children (aged 18, 16, and 15) are mature enough to deal with this then this says a lot for the rest of the population who seem to find the thought of two constenting ADULTS in a relationship 'perverse'.
06/12/2011 18:52

She was 31  and I was seventeen

I knew nothing about love

but she knew everything

So I sat down beside her

On a front porch swing

And wondered what

the coming night would bring


we sat on the sand and the boy took her hand

But I saw the sunrise as a man


Lyrics extracts from the song 'Summer the first time'


Something in it for both of them clearly!


06/12/2011 20:11
age is just a number if you love each other then thats up to yous there is nothin said when the man is older than the woman nothin is said  i wish you all the luck  and be happy
07/12/2011 10:26
Age difference  is only in the mind,.. My wife died 12 mth's ago, nearly 10 years older than me, I am totally devastated, after 32 years of a wonderful relationship,.. if you don't mind it doesn't matter..
07/12/2011 15:56
what happens when they go clubbing and he doesent get in hahaha, woundeddddd
06/12/2011 21:57
Neither Caroline or Harry should have to explain themselves to anybody..good on them I say and stuff everyone else...Love and Happiness are not easy to come by so when it happens grab it and hold on and smile .....
07/12/2011 15:21

I'm 20 and my boyfriend is 36, we've been together for nearly 2 years and couldn't be happier. We understand that people are always going to have opinion, and whether you like it or not, why is it so hard to just accept that we're happy? Age gaps mean nothing when a couple are truly happy. If Caroline is happy with Harry, let them be. If the relationship turns out to be a mistake; then it is their mistake to make. Everybody is so quick to judge without the proper right to do so. None of us really know what their relationship it like, judgement is purely based on the age gap - for all we know they could be perfect for each other!

07/12/2011 13:50
If 2 people want to be together it has nothing to do with anyone else. My boyfriend is also a lot younger than myself, and I cant understand why it bothers other people so much when they can see that we are perfectly happy together.....

There seem to be a lot a nasty comments at the moment about women with much younger men (for example Caroline Flack and Harry Styles, Madonna with Brahim, J-Lo and her latest flame).


Anyway, if a woman takes care of herself, enjoys life and an active sex life, then she probably suits much better to younger men.

For all of you out there who find something wrong with the "age gap" relationships, just stop for a moment and consider why you think so.... Probably you are not content with your own lives and have to find fault with others?

If people are happy, then just be happy for them.....

07/12/2011 15:42
Just so long as Harry is ploughing Caroline's furrow deeply enough to please her, it's nobody's business but theirs! Wink
06/12/2011 22:47
If Harry and Caroline want to be item, then it's nobodies business and all the nosey busybodies who have nothing better to do with there lives should just butt out . good luck to you both 
07/12/2011 14:33
if a seventeen year old boy/man is mature enough to be sent off to fight and die in an illegal war, he is mature enough to have a relationship with a thirty two year old woman .. make up your mind .. you treat him like a child and keep him out of the military, or you treat him like a man and allow him to decide for himself who he wants to have a relationship with. I know this is an in-between age, I also know people in their forties and fifties who are in an in-between age .. you can't decide for other people, whatever you may think, they have a right to decide for themselves, .. mistakes or not.
07/12/2011 12:41
age does not matter and the person who said caroline was a pervert for dating him obviously has the issues with herself,totally stupid.  the trouble in this country is people say others are perverted and they don't even know the true meaning of the word. I am 5 years younger than my husband. My friends husband is 8 years older than her are we all perverts , honestly some people need to get a life.
07/12/2011 18:46
My partner is 30 and I'm 45, we have loads in common and enjoy each other and each others company. We've been together 3 years nearly and still have good laughs. As long as its fun who cares how long it lasts. Good for him getting himself an older woman we still have life in us after 30 Open-mouthed Its not disgusting its life.......
07/12/2011 17:13
personally i think its a little weird if its true, i wud be devOd if my younger brother whos also 17 was going out with sumone twice his age.  Im 23 now and when i was 17 i was a different person. I think it would be more acceptable if he was in his early twenties just because you grow up alot form the age of 17 to 21. Caroline flack dresses and pretends shes a teenager on tv. She needs to grow up and find sumone her own age.  
07/12/2011 08:10
so what if theres 15 years age gap, im a 1direction fan but sending death threats are pathetic and some people need to get over them selfs, everyone has been with someone thats older or younger then them its just harry is abit younger then we all expected. they like each other so deal with it! thankyou! x
07/12/2011 14:36
Go for it guys.. well done..Dont give a rats arse about anything anyone else says..
07/12/2011 15:21
most people on this panel has said it and i will say it too." AGE IS JUST A NUMBER". get over it.
16/12/2011 06:33
LOL.. as long he is not a pre teen it is okay. He is 17 for god's sake. He can make up his own mind. They are financially, physically, emotionally and sexually ready for a relationship. Leave them alone. Who on earth decided  that to be an adult you need to be 18. What a load of crock. I know 15 yr olds who are a lot more mature than 18 yr olds. The age thing is very arbitrary and thats the problem with existing laws. Antiquated and obsolete, lets get rid of those silly laws and bring an end to such debates.  Go for it Harry.. go for it Caroline. Just mate and procreate, enjoy the fornication too..
07/12/2011 11:51
My husband is 10 years older than me, we have been together for 5 years since I was 18 and he was 28. We have a nice balance in our marriage which we both bring equally. To Collette Murphy who called Caroline Flack perverted clearly has no understanding of being in a relationship with someone older or younger. My husband is older than me, he fell in love with me as a person and would have done no matter what my age was as i would have him. Good for Caroline and Harry- stick up two fingers to those who feel its their right to moan and enjoy being with each other.
29/12/2011 12:43
i think that age dosent matter as long as you love somebody and the death threats are just not needed what has she done wrong but started liking him and i dont see anyone sending hugh hefner death threats because he's datintg another 20 year old model !
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