19/06/2012 22:01 | By Kerri-Ann Roper, Senior Editor, MSN Entertainment
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split after 14 years

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis in pictures

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis in pictures (© Reuters)
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They were the Hollywood couple who lived their lives under the radar. But when we did catch a glimpse of them together, mostly at public events, they looked very much in love.

But it seems their fairytale has ended as Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis confirm that after 14 years together they are separating.

A statement released by Johnny's publicist, Robin Baum, said: "Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have amicably separated. Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children."

Join us as we take a look at their relationship in pictures, and remember some of our favourite moments of them together.

19/06/2012 22:52
Good luck to  Johnny Depp, he is one of the most sincere, gentle and talented actors in the world, he puts a lot of those pigs to shame in that horrible and fake world called Hollywood, I wish him all the very best.
19/06/2012 22:58
good luck to them both and may they remain amicable for the kids
19/06/2012 23:00

such a shame!

I wish them both love and Peace in the future x

20/06/2012 10:30
We don't know them so we can't judge them but I would like to think that they will be the kind of couple that will keep it amicable for the sake of the children. Shame to see a rare long term hollywood couple break up, they give you hope that not all celebs are shallow and use relationships as PR tools.
20/06/2012 08:28
feel sorry for his children..everyone forgets them.

Re: President Kirchner and the Argentine claim on the Falklands. As British citizens, why can't we comment here on MSN about that?

MSN are happy to dumb us all down and let us comment on meaningless drivell regarding Johnny Depp and his missus and other such nonsense.

MSN - In the changing world of jounalism and reporting where the future lies "on-line" and not in the tabloid press, be the first to give your readers the right to comment on everything in the true spirit of democracy. 


I think he will regret that in the end, although its been on the cards. Why cant they just try to work things out?  Wonderful beautiful wife, kids and homes all over the world, fame and wads loads of cash? We aspire for things that we believe will make our lives better and more secure, for our families and future,

but for the famous it never seems to work out. Is it easier to walk away than to work it out? No relationship is easy or plain sailing we all have our ups and downs, we just work through them.

He will have to do Pirates 4 and 5 now to pay for it all.

 they will be back together there is so much love with them and around them ... theyhave wonderful kids ...
good luck to the pair of them...
20/06/2012 11:13

It's such a shame they are separating. I admire how they appeared to have such a private relationship and loved the fact that they didn't feel the need to flaunt it, or have a huge PR event of a wedding. Respect to them both for being so genuine and adorable.


I suppose I should really lock my boyfriend up at home, in case he gets the urge to run off to France to track down the newly single beauty that is Vanessa! ;0)

20/06/2012 10:45

aweeee thats so so sad wish them well....


Most people knew this a couple of years ago when they actually split, the recent denials of a split just let you know that the official announcement was imminent! Whenever you hear a celeb couple denying a split you know it is only days away!
20/06/2012 09:47
So how is that respecting their privacy?
she is beautiful and he is handsome beyond reason, how gorgeous must the kids be ?
20/06/2012 10:20
adam obviously single and only interested in football commitment and marriage is rare thing these days and its sad to hear about anyone splitting up .
20/06/2012 12:25
Ok its done i will have him any time any place any way. luv you johnny.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

20/06/2012 14:32
What a shame. Two very talented and seemingly level-headed  people. Hope they work it out, mostly for the sake of their kids
20/06/2012 11:42

What a good looking dude! Damn him.  They'l be lining up for him tho-women and men.

I'll look after Vanessa tho' - and her money...


20/06/2012 07:14

this is extra saddest stars understand that one can live in a marrige till life does part its not all goin to be smiles but learn to understand each other and come to terms that you must have been together for a long time for a reason


09/07/2012 18:49
Very very sad i hope they both find happiness ,as i,m sure they both want to be happy if not together .x 
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