18/10/2012 10:40 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Kate Middleton's brother and the new London socialites

James Middleton is very much in demand

James Middleton (© Rex)
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Kate Middleton's younger brother James was very much in demand at a private party in Mayfair on Wednesday night, and the good news is that the eligible bachelor still seems to be without a girlfriend. He was at the launch of Everything Or Nothing, an exhibition charting 50 years of James Bond.

While Kate and Pippa are by far the more famous Middleton siblings, James has carved a niche for himself among the Chelsea elite, when he's not running his cake baking business. Click through the gallery to see the new breed of London socialites, dahling...

18/10/2012 16:46
this is why this country is up **** street socialites,.... idiots that went to a private school and end up running the country like that idiot called the prime minister,,,, god i bet churchill is turning in his grave looking at this shower of **** 
Are they spending all mummy and daddy's money on partying??
18/10/2012 16:58

Nice to see the upper classes still inbreeding !


18/10/2012 18:20

I am a public school boy and proud of it. I played more sport than concentrating on class work and thouroughly enjoyed my school days and have been very successful in business since.

As a Londoner I could easily have joined the Chelsea Toffs but chose not to as they are all lazy, self opinionated and stupid.


This lot here are a total waste of space and should be looking to make money, not spend Daddy's.


They look like a bunch of spoilt rich kids to me, I bet hardly any of them do a hard days work. Here we can see the Tory elite in all its glory, a bunch of spoilt, arrogant snobs who think they are better than anyone else especially from the working class. It also looks like half the people photographed here are heroine addicts, they look like stoned zombies.


But I guess that is because they are all inbred.

18/10/2012 17:16

I presume that 'socialite' is a euphemism for 'went to private school but was too stupid to get into uni'?

And from this article, I'm getting the impression that 'model' means 'ugly, quite masculine posh bird who is exploiting the old school tie to trick people into thinking she is actually pretty'.

There's also something quite funny about trying to talk somebody up by saying they have a baby with 'The Kooks bassist', considering that bassist joined long after they had any hits (their latest single went to number 160 in the charts, great work!) and their last gig was a year ago at an O2 academy (capacity ~4000). Not exactly a 'rock star' and not a musician with much in the way of royalties or gig money coming his way either. Talk about your downward mobility...

18/10/2012 16:54
Never done a days work between them.
18/10/2012 18:01
18/10/2012 19:22



You see photos here that show that the upper class "socialites" are the cream of British society, they are rich, thick and full off clots.
18/10/2012 21:12
oooh, they are so posh and proper, plastic life anyone? 
A day in a life of an airhead, whoops ... heiress

How much did you end up spending?
Close to twenty. My black negligee alone was 8 grand. Daddy won't even notice. 
Oh daling pass me the caviar. Actually, on second thoughts, I'll try the kumamoto oysters. Daddy had them flown in from Japan just yesterday.
I'm having afternoon tea with mummy and Bin. Will you be joining Teddy for cocktails at 6? 
No, daling, I have to get ready for the opera, takes me ages. Jenkins is picking Pammy and me up at eight, cocktails at Annabelle's then it off to see La Boheme. Speaking of kock, giggle giggle, Kate's brother James has got the most amazing dimples I wonder if he comes with a title. Those blue eyes of his are just adorable, just smashing. I would love if he'd tie me up with his gray cashmere scarf, oh look, he's coming. He whispers in her ear. She laughs out loud, then says, naughty naughty boy. You're coming with me bad boy.
18/10/2012 22:10
 Do all rich girls look like ladyboys then or is it just a London thing?
18/10/2012 22:08
 All that stolen Tax money from Daddies dodgy business and not one of the fekkers can aford a square meal,what a bunch of chinless smack heads.
18/10/2012 21:43
"socialites" is just another way of saying Z-listers who are "famous" and I use that loosely, for absolutely nothing. Case in point: all of the above, and near enough every reality "star" going. 
18/10/2012 22:27
also, would hardly call a member of the kooks a rockstar, more like cheesy popstar! 
18/10/2012 20:48
Um....who gives a f**k?! Not sure who this article is aimed at seeing as the average British person is counting themselves lucky if they have a job these days and struggling to pay bills etc so are hardly likely to relate to this clique of pointless, over-wealthy **** who probably have no concept of the 'real' world.  London-centric crap.
And not a real job in sight! They all work in media or fashion or have a posh food business. It's no coincidence that socialite sounds like sh**e if you say it quick enough. It's who you know, you know! Class still rules in this country!
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