22/03/2012 15:28 | By David Levin, contributor, MSN Celebrity

Kate Moss and others make fools of themselves for charity

Celebrities spend years cultivating lofty or glamorous identities with the help of an army of publicists, and there aren't many things that can prize them away from their cappuccino-scented celebrity bubbles in Primrose Hill or Mayfair... but the chance to raise money for charity, and make themselves feel good in the process, is one. Lucky for us, the crazier the charitable act is, the more money that's raised, which means stars making fools of themselves ahoy!

'Do something funny for money' is the slogan for Comic Relief and the aim is just that - to make people laugh at the expense of celebrities so that they'll open their wallets and donate. In 2006, snooty supermodel Kate Moss became a little less snooty when she took the piss out of herself in a stage version of Little Britain in aid of Comic Relief. She played Vicky Pollard's chavvy sister and during the act, Vicky (played by Matt Lucas) said "I'm the pretty one" while Kate (dressed in a dowdy tracksuit) said "I'm the easy one".

Kate Moss on Ab Fab (© BBC)

Kate won over new fans with that skit, and she obviously got the bug for one-off charitable appearances because she stars in the new Sport Relief episode of Absolutely Fabulous, which also features Emma Bunton, Stella McCartney and Linford Christie, who are all stepping out of their comfort zones for a good cause.

Although their tasks weren't embarrassing, David Walliams and Helen Skelton certainly showed themselves at their most emotional and most knackered when they completed their Sport Relief challenges - David swam the Thames and the Blue Peter babe trekked across frozen wasteland to reach the South Pole, with no makeup artists or hot showers within 3,000 miles!

Entire shows are created just to embarrass celebs, such as Sing If You Can which raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and got shameless stars to murder songs while doing impossible tasks or having pain inflicted on them, like having their chest waxed. Sinitta, Jedward and Brendan Cole from Strictly were all happy to make berks of themselves in the last series.

Amy Childs and Harry Derbidge (© BBC)

Let's Dance For Comic Relief is the show of choice for stars who are too shy to sing but can still shake their booty and act silly for a good cause. Amy Childs, Harry Derbidge, Omid Djalili and Eddie The Eagle tried to perform iconic dance routines by Kylie and Lady Gaga in this year's competition, but it was the masterful Rowland Rivron who won for his performance of Fatboy Slim's classic video for Weapon Of Choice. Other stars who've tried and (hilariously) failed to find their feet in previous years include Katie Price, Noel Fielding, Kate Garraway and Cheryl Fergison.

We'd love if a show like this happened now with Wills, Kate, Harry and Pippa, but back in the eighties the royal family held a 'Grand Knockout Tournament' at Alton Towers, where various royals dashed about and acted the fool - even more so than usual - to raise money for charity!

The whole thing was organised by Prince Edward and televised on the Beeb; high points included Fergie hitting Prince Andrew with a rubber chicken leg (don't worry, they were still married at the time) and Princess Anne in fancy dress, while Gary Lineker, John Travolta and Meatloaf joined in the malarkey. Even though it raised over £1 million for good causes, the Queen was NOT amused and did not attend. Shame... Prince Phillip's gaffes and mishaps would have raised loads of dosh, before he'd even taken part in any events!

Ant and Dec (© ITV)

After years of saying they'd never do it, Ant and Dec took part in a bushtucker trial last December to raise money for Text Santa. Unfortunately they weren't chowing down on kangaroo penis or being trapped in a coffin full of rats; they had to endure the Celebrity Cyclone instead, where they tried to reach stars while being pummelled with water and wind - but instead of a meal, each star represented £25,000 for charity. To add to the embarrassment Ant and Dec wore superhero outfits and they both needed a good lie-down afterwards, but they managed to raise over £100,000.

We've also had Robbie Williams dressing up as a little girl, the casts of EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale singing and dancing, BBC newsreaders taking on Strictly Come Dancing and stars auctioning off snogs with strangers... Judging by all these celebs raising money and having a good time doing it, doing something silly for charity is infectious. So the next time a chugger accosts you on your lunch break, tell them that you'll only donate to save the pandas if you can put your pants on your head and run through M&S scaring the grannies first!


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