12/07/2012 09:19 | By Felicity Thistlethwaite, Staff Writer, MSN Entertainment
Katie Holmes and Suri are all smiles in Central Park

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Kathleen Holmes

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It's been a tough couple of weeks for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, after the pair announced their split after five years of marriage.
The couple has been dramatically thrust into the media spotlight, with attention focused on Katie while Tom is abroad filming.

So it's nice to see Ms Holmes look happy and carefree with daughter Suri, in Central Park. Spotted with her mother Kathleen, the trio enjoyed a family day out in the sun.

Looking pretty in pink, which animal got Suri and Katie's attention at the zoo?

Video: Katie and Suri at the zoo!

12/07/2012 13:59

At this time, Katie has come out of a difficult 'gold fish bowl' marriage and is seeking some stability in her life. She will make a few wrong turns and a lot of right ones as she begins to get her grounding. The important thing is that she focusses on being a mother and being there for her daughter.


Live and Let Live, life is hard enough without being judged on what sustains us sprititually. Let her grow and find her footing...she's not upsetting anyone and after the scientology experience she will definitely look out for Suri. In fact, it will have been her mother instinct that gave her the strength to walk away.


Give her some time and let her enjoy the zoo. I love Central Park. You can really lose yourself in it.

12/07/2012 15:39
MSN must really be wetting itself, all this really important news to splash across the screen!  Who really gives a toss?
12/07/2012 11:05
Suri ............. still walking, amazing !!!!!
12/07/2012 14:39
Who gives a toss....is this really news!!!!!!!
Feel sorry for the little girl, she has had to deal with scientology stalkers, and now the media are stalking her, hence these photos of a trip to the zoo. Hope that when the divorce is finalised, Suri will have some peace. Her mother isnt stopping that is she, and you know there will be a book about how awful it was being married to a handsome, wealthy, talented man. Good luck Suri.
12/07/2012 13:36
LM, Learn to spell!.........It helps.  Can't believe you posted this comment.  Stay off the drugs!
13/07/2012 00:33
who gives a monkey? I wish MSN stops being so one-sided, we are not robots to say oh! how lovely! when  there is any picture of her. we don't give ...
12/07/2012 11:53
Oh, these PR stunts are such a drag, but come on it will be worth it !!!!!
12/07/2012 13:35

To LM,


Peadophiles are rare in the Catholic Church, choirboy chasing, cross wearing, homosexual predators are far more prevalent,.


It's a toss-up really, having your child's mind taken by weirdos or having her watch all the young lads running like crazy???


Not to difficult a decision methinks.

12/07/2012 12:49
How could Kate leave scientology for roman catholism ?  they are the biggest pedophiles
egh she she sickens me, she is not enlightneed!
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