04/07/2012 09:18 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Katie Holmes and Suri have late-night ice cream treat

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri (© Rex)
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Mum and daughter even wore matching outfits - Suri wore a poppy-print dress, Katie had matching shoes.

04/07/2012 10:40
Katie looks really gaunt, I think her relationship with Suri is so cute though - she adores her! Lots of celebrity parents just throw the money around because they're too busy but she seems to spend 24/7 with her.

04/07/2012 12:59
Good luck To Katie & Suri, Tom Cruise to me is a weirdo & a contol freak. It's a shame when children are involved in a split, but Katie clearly loves little Suri, good luck to all of them whatever the outcome.
04/07/2012 11:53
What about Tom? As a Scientologis,t you have got to feel sorry for the guy. 

I think the real reason she dumped him is cos now Suri is actually taller than Tom, and family photos just don't look right anymore.
05/07/2012 08:53
05/07/2012 08:52

Not for us to speculate, because thats all it is, speculation,no one knows what goes on behind closed doors and no-one knows the ins and outs of anyones marraige except the two people in it. Good luck to them and little Suri, no matter how "privilaged" a child may be deemed to be, she can still hurt! x


04/07/2012 11:54
she went to get alway with it eveything . 
04/07/2012 10:56

No wonder she's smiling she's going to get millions -

04/07/2012 10:19

  What an empty smile. Then  again she never WAS miss personality. I really  feel sorry for the children.....

in spite of the fact they'll live like royalty the rest of their days, while millions face starvation and disease and a battle for survival  ..... still,  it's hard eh?


                        WHEN DOES X FACTOR START?????????????



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