17/10/2012 17:46 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Katie Waissel slams Cheryl Cole for ‘good TV’ comment

Katie Waissel and Cheryl Cole (© Rex)

It appears a storm might be brewing between Cheryl Cole and former X Factor contestant Katie Waissel.

Cheryl, who mentored Katie on the show in 2010, recently admitted in her book My Story that she “wasn’t sure” about the kooky singer, who was admittedly the act who stood out the most on that series, but not for the right reasons.

Katie has now slammed her former mentor on Twitter. She posted: “@cherylcole I thought you were better than this. Shame I trusted you. you live and you learn.”

Cheryl, who we’ve been learning about a lot more intimately since the release of her autobiography, had shared details about X Factor tactics in her book.

She wrote: “Simon Cowell had spent the past two years drumming into me that we needed acts who would be ‘good TV’.

“When I saw Katie perform this time, I had to admit that she was certainly that. She was quirky, intriguing and busting to succeed.

“In short, she had the character and drive it took to withstand the pressure of the show, and so I put her through, even though she messed up when she sang in front of Will.i.am.”

Katie Waissel's tweet to Cheryl Cole (© Twitter)

Two years ago, Katie caused a divide between viewers; those who loved her and those who hated her, much like current contestant Rylan Clark does now. She was the ‘Marmite’ contestant, or the ingredient for ‘good TV’, as Cheryl says.

The singer was known for crying when performing and during the Judge’s Houses phase of the show, she failed to impress when she sang At Last by Etta James.

Cheryl’s other acts for that year were Rebecca Ferguson (who came third), Treyc Cohen and Cher Lloyd, who Cheryl also clashed with earlier this year. Cher didn’t cope well with the lack of contact between them when the show ended, and she made a quip about how Cheryl doesn’t sing live. Cheryl responded by saying “unappreciation is ugly” and Cher apologised.

The Geordie star has yet to respond to Katie’s comment over Twitter.

We also can’t help but wonder if Rylan knows that perhaps this is the reason he was chosen to take part in this year’s X Factor live shows…

17/10/2012 18:21
If you didn't think the show was fixed before reading this, then you know now!!
17/10/2012 18:05
Who is Katie Waissel? Is she just another one of these magazine argument "celebs"?
17/10/2012 20:59
Cheryl, is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Now she's bitchin about the show that made her the nation sweetheart. Talking about unappreciation 
17/10/2012 22:33
One talentless Bint criticising another talentless bint.
17/10/2012 22:04
Well I know for certain that i really couldn't give a flying *****k about xfactor, cheryl tweedy or katie waissel and the sooner this type of sh!t is off tv the better, along with quite a few other useless shows and self appointed celebs.
17/10/2012 21:01
But that was two  years ago..  So far the Weasel had not made an impact in the music industry yet she crawls out from beneath her rock in desperation to try and get us to notice her..  I remember when she got past the first part and jumped into the swimming pool...  That's when I knew she was just another attention seeking wannabe..She actually scared me in a way and it takes a lot to scare me..    She reminded me of a lunatic who required a straight jacket to control her random urges..  
18/10/2012 07:25
It is about time people stopped writing about Ceryl Cole.  X factor finalists have
achieved more than her in recent months than she has ever achieved. 
18/10/2012 08:35
Another story proving that the talentless foul mouthed chav Cheryl Tweedy is a lovely person she is not the nations sweetheart she is the nations worst nightmare why MSN are constantly trying to ram her down our throats is ridiculous.
18/10/2012 08:13

I think its a shame for the show and viewer when acts which are clearly put there to gain TV points but cant sing are used this way.  We saw it again this year with Rylan who in the sing off clear lost out on the voice aspect but  is a show man for sure.

No doubt he will be picked up by TV for other things as he make a good front man for certain types of show

As for comment  from Katie  to Cheryl  unworthy and a bit stupid same as Che who has gone on  to make a lot of money in her own way just because of the show and no doubt due to Cheryl support and from her followers who back Cher just because of Cheryl


Good to see gary stand up and say he does not want any part of the TV stunts both for his  credability and of the show.  Its loosing rateing as it insults the general public  Simon  take heed!!!

What's all this X Factor stuff? What is it?
18/10/2012 14:56
No talent **** at another no talent, this is news????
18/10/2012 14:06

Seems to me that past/present judges and contestants need to take a leaf out of Dannii Minogues book and keep their mouths shut, even  when they are **** or commented about. She is seemingly the most dignified and respectful person to have come out of the show, her acts all talk well of her. The only person that she did respond to, but in a far more graceful manner was the bully and loud mouth that is sharon osbourne. 

Bored with the x factor now

18/10/2012 10:57
18/10/2012 14:12




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