04/07/2012 10:17 | By Felicity Thistlethwaite, Staff Writer, MSN Entertainment

Katy Perry's Skype session sends Twitter into a spin!

She's one of the world's biggest pop stars with one of the quirkiest reputations. Yesterday, Katy Perry notched up a world-first, taking part in a groundbreaking chat with her fans on Skype with MSN Entertainment.

Fans tweeted in questions for the California Gurl singer, who was in London for the European premiere of her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me.

Katy Perry (© Microsoft)

Katy Perry speaks to MSNs Kerri-Ann Roper before chatting to fans on Skype

Using the hash tag MSNKaty, fans tweeted MSN in their thousands! Questions varied from the brilliant to the bizarre, including one from @KatySeduceMe, asking: "#MSNKaty, what would you do in a zombie apocalypse?"

Another great question was asked by Twitter user @Kodovoe, who said: "Why doesn't @KatyPerry live under my bed?"

Katy Perry (© Microsoft)

Some of the tweets sent to @MSNEnts from Katy Perry fans!

Unfortunately not all the questions could be asked, and only a few lucky Katy fans got the chance to speak to the singer!

One of those lucky fans was plucky teen Toni Relja, from Germany. After sweetly serenading newly single Katy with an abridged version of Teenage Dream (that totally melted our hearts), the star-struck teen asked, "In the trailer for the film I see fans going on stage, how do you pick them and what do you love about having them on stage with you?"

Katy replied,"I pick fans based on their enthusiasm, based on what they're wearing. My fans like to dress up in all costumes, like edible costumes! There's been a hotdog on stage many times with me."

Within minutes of the chat beginning, #MSNKaty was trending worldwide on Twitter. With literally thousands of tweets to choose from, the event was an innovative success.

Who'd have thought that one day we'd be Skype calling A-list celebs for a chat? Click here to check out the chat, and see Katy Perry in action!



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