05/04/2012 10:12 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Keira Knightley's date night

Keira Knightley and James Righton

Keira Knightley and James Righton (© Rex)
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Keira Knightley and her boyfriend James Righton from the Klaxons had a rare night out in London this week. The low-key pair watched pianist Jean-Philippe Rio-Py at The Box, then had dinner at La Bodega Negra restaurant.

05/04/2012 11:04
Wow two people in a relationship doing things and going places together, that usually doesn't happen, what a world changing scoop.
05/04/2012 11:00



05/04/2012 12:20
Pathetic, leave the couple alone on a night out without getting chased by flash photographers.

report some real news!!!!!

05/04/2012 13:51

MSN are to blame for buying the photo . If no one paid the paparazzi for these pictures they would n't take them .


It says a rare night out for them . Just leave them to enjoy it .


MSN, we don t want these pictures . The annoying thing is , that MSN allows us to comment on this but not on real issues.

06/04/2012 11:21
I agree. Leave them alone. They should be free to go out in London without any pics. Do not buy these photographs!
06/04/2012 19:58
Everyones comments on here are so funny and idiotic. You all condem MSN and the press of taking pics and state its not news but you still clicked on the same link out of shear curosity thus creating the demand for these pics to be taken.

Why not try this - dont click on the celebrity link and read something else thus driving down the demand for such pictures and articles. Just a thought.

Meanwhile I like seeying such photos because I have no life and I dont care to admit it.


Keira is so boyish looking, she doesn't appear to have much of a figure does she?  Wafer thin!!


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