13/07/2012 12:23 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Kelly Brook’s boyfriend steals our attention (for once!)

Kelly Brook is one of the most gorgeous celebrity ladies to ever grace the MSN Celebrity pages, and we're so proud she's one of ours (by that we mean British, obviously).

Normally all eyes are on the buxom brunette's fabulous body and cute-as-a-button smile, but in the latest pictures of the model with her boyfriend Thom Evans, we have to admit, he's the one we're going nuts over.

Kelly Brook and Thom Evans (© Rex)

Kelly Brook and Thom Evans on a yacht looking all beautiful...

The couple, who have been together for a year and a half, were spotted getting romantic on a yacht off the Italian island of Ischia and, while Kelly remained uncharacteristically covered up, the former rugby player showed off his incredibly honed and toned body for all to see.

And wow, what a body! (Please excuse us, it's Friday. It's been a long week...)

Kelly, 32, and Thom, 27, have been holidaying in Ischia for the past week, appearing at the odd event here and there, but mostly just relaxing and having fun in their swimwear.

Kelly Brook and Thom Evans (© Rex)

Kelly and Thom shared a kiss upon their yacht

Actress and model Kelly kept her pretty bikini and enviable frame covered in a vest while Thom appeared to have no qualms in getting his unbelievable body out. We're starting to wonder whether he'd have made a grand addition to Magic Mike?

Kelly Brook and Thom Evans (© Rex)

Kelly and Thom look so happy. Well of course, they're not in the rainy UK!

Kelly has been keeping her quarter of a million Twitter followers up to date with their break by posting regular updates, including this picture of Thom at the Miss Italia competition.

"Someone regrets not wearing there (sic) contact lenses!" she joked.

Why he'd need to see those other girls when he has the lovely Kelly Brook on his arm is confusing to us...

13/07/2012 17:16
So we're all supposed to care about two boring celebs, when the country's economy is in the toilet?

Get real!
On here, it"s now worse than a teenage girls "Teen Mag " . When are we going to be able to talk about news , politics etc. not silly celebs. short  partnerships ? .
13/07/2012 17:27
wow, he looks like a bronzed soldier from 200 Spartons, all rugged like a god. Lucky girl..
13/07/2012 15:17
14/07/2012 13:16
most people can t afford a holiday.msn is getting worse for this kind of whimsy pop culture ****.i got to change my homepage. 
14/07/2012 15:57
To all the people who are complaining about this not being newsworthy and making comments like "who cares about celebrites....." or "I can't afford a holiday..." - you must have clicked on the link to view the story!!  Why bother if you don't want to read it?  There are plenty more news sites available if you want to comment on current affairs / economy / politics!!  Have you nothing better to do than find a story you, apparently, have no interest in reading, then waste time submitting comments about it?  If you aren't interested, DON'T READ IT!!
13/07/2012 13:40
Amazing man. She's pretty only when make up is on.
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