26/06/2013 08:30 | By MSN Celebrity
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby: first pictures of North West!

Allison Jackson releases pictures of Kim and Kanye's baby

Allison Jackson releases pictures of Kim and Kanye's baby (© Rex)
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26/06/2013 15:33
I am sure they are just having a laugh - at least I hope they are?! otherwise that poor child needs to be taken into care...couple of right twits!
26/06/2013 16:00
these are lookalikes  what a **** article who gives a **** what there baby will look like anyway
26/06/2013 15:41

Yeh right . Like they will actually be changing the child's dirty nappies.


Daft name following a trend of ridiculous names used by people who can only make their own name by calling their child a lunatic one. And then dimwits follow them. We are going to a have a generation of old aged people in 70 years  time  sitting in  nursing homes with nurses saying " Come on Peaches, Astala,  North, ... eat your slops."



What happened to Peter, Stephen, Philip, Mark , Michael, John, Anthony, David .....  



26/06/2013 15:49
Is it me, or can someone, anyone, see that those pictures by Allison Jackson of Kim and Kanye do not look like the celebrities so I would hatch a guess that the baby is not North either.
26/06/2013 16:07
Not really them. Staged celeb look alikes. But the idiocy of Kanye and Kim raising a child together is very real. Their baby doesn't have a chance.
26/06/2013 18:47
i think its disgusting that someone would take time out of there sad pathetic life to mock up a such a travisty of pictures. why this photographer felt the need to put together a shameful set of dispicable pictures like this on one of a couples happiest life time events is spiteful, real or not this photorapher has over stepped the mark!!!!!
26/06/2013 15:54
poor kid treated like a toy .its a baby not a doll
26/06/2013 16:11
Social Services should be in there now seizing that child and these 2 pieces of bling endorsing  vermin should be imprisoned for life
26/06/2013 16:34
So what's with this name then?....they were pointing in a North Westerly direction when he was conceived??

When he grows up and has a kid will he be known as North by North West???

26/06/2013 19:43

How many 1 week old babies can hold their head up like that?


26/06/2013 15:51
However the person is should really have some respect and leave these new parents to enjoy their darling baby.
ive got more interest in fred west.pair of cnuts
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