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Latest celebrity baby news: Is Beyoncé pregnant again?

Is Beyoncé expecting another baby?

Beyoncé expecting baby number two? (© AP)
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Are Jay Z and Beyoncé expecting baby number two? Twitter went into meltdown following a clip from the power couple’s concert in Paris when Jay Z appeared to hint that his wife is expecting.

In the song Beach Is Better, the music mogul changed the line 'I replace it with another one' to 'pregnant with another one'. Instantly, social media pounced with tweets and posts speculating on the possibility of a little brother or sister for Blue Ivy.

The couple haven’t had an easy 2014 on the personal front following the infamous lift episode with Beyoncé’s sister Solange and the never-ending divorce rumours. Another baby would certainly silence the split reports.

Beyoncé announced her first pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards by cradling her bump on stage. It would be fitting if the second has also been broadcast on the stage.

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03/08/2012 12:40
Why oh why do we have to wade through so many bloody dating ads????? Why can't msn ban them? I would like to read what everyone has to say about topical news etc without the rubbish of dating ads
all the time

08/01/2012 14:24
Well congratualations to every couple out there who are welcoming a new born into their family circle. Be it their first or not, boy or girl, it's congrats all round for the bouncing baby boom. Celebrity or non celebrity, I'll toast you all and that your little ones are fit and healthy and surrounded by love.



07/02/2012 02:26
A woman got on my bus today! She`s expecting a baby! YAAAAAAYYY!
08/12/2011 13:12
It is nice for once, that someone in the public eye has kept something so private.....private.​  There has hardly been any news about the baby, no speculation about names or OK/Hello deals - this is a private moment between parents and baby and should be kept that way.  Let's hope the scum paparazzi leave the new parents alone to enjoy their new arrival.
03/08/2012 20:40

Who are these people and why is the fact that they have had, are producing babies so important?  Much more important things going on in the world!


03/08/2012 20:53
why do msn go on about celebs having babies? i gave birth 2 weeks ago a boy (my 1st boy after 2 girls)
09/01/2012 10:02
that's just about made my year... yet another woman pregnant,.... the crap Msn put on these pages ....
08/01/2012 13:59
These comments about babies and who cares is pointless, she has done nothing wrong and i fail to see how her having a baby could be bad news? I wish her the best of luck in her career and am sure will be a great mum, its nice that she shares having a child with everyone else. She has made a good career with what she has, and for that I congratulate her! If you have nothing nice to say, then dont say anything and stop wasting everyone else's time with your stupid comments.
08/01/2012 19:40
msn please PLEASE  let us comment on ALL news articles and not just some of them. most of the ones that we can comment on are not news stories etc.  or are you only allowing us to comment on some but not all of them because you like being a ditcatorship website? sort it out msn  or i will just stick to yahoo uk so i can comment on news articles that i want to and not just ones im being told i can comment on
24/02/2014 17:50
My hairdresser's receptioist is pregnant too, can't seem to find it on MSN!!!!!!!!
18/04/2012 19:16

Anyone care to explain why there are so many saddoes who want to celebrate another child being born to people they have never met? Celebrity addicts or people with such devoid existances they see this as something to be excited about!!! LOL  

Wakey,Wakey, Just because someone appears on yout TV doesn't mean you know them! You really have failed if your take joy from this..

18/04/2012 19:54
Wow! Such groundbreaking news. So important that it deserves special mention by MSN who seem to find nothing else to report except silly celeb news. Is this a human phenomenon? Does it merit a special mention? I don't know them. Should I send a card or maybe flowers?  Where I live, women are dropping kids like flies. Do I walk up to them and say, wow, congratulations? No! they would think I'm a crank. Why do people who watch the box want to know the ins and outs of celebs lives. I can tell you that they take a crap like anyone else. Anyone want to know the time of day?
08/01/2012 16:35

Ermm well excuse me 'MARK MULLANY  (interestedinbritain​)' , I think I along with the others on here have a right to read/ comment on whatever I like. I happen to really like her music and compared to many others in the showbiz industry think she genuinely seems like a lovely person, so yes actually I am interested and pleased for her that she's had her baby, makes a changes to read some happy news instead of all the depressing stuff you often read in the news.

...ohh and just incase you didn't realise, you don't actually have to read these types of articles if you don't want to, let alone take the time to comment on them?! :)

30/01/2012 23:12
they look a right pair of fruitcakes
09/08/2012 11:02
Who cares, why do these x rated celebs think that anyone would be remotley interested in the fact she is pregnant, millions of people get pregnant every week, do they "tweet" this useless information.....................Ba Humbug
08/01/2012 16:52
MSN. The prostitutes and old dogs are back in full force plying their sex trade and no matter what we all do to report their spam, you do nothing about it so it might be worth asking:

Is MSN now running a brothel or escort agency?
Do any of these dogs work for MSN?
Is any bloke at MSN getting a piece of the action from MSN?

Just asking

08/01/2012 13:19
Ivy Blue Carter! Ivy is actually a NORMAL name for once! Finally a baby with a normal name! It is a miracle!
01/02/2012 05:30
OMG!! I`m so happy! I`m gutted though that they never thought to send a letter/text/Email/ca​ll!!! I and my wife asked/ sent a letter/texted/Emaile​d/called Sienna (And  the Press/Media) to offer her to be present at my daughters birth! None came! I was thankful though that the Policeman handcuffed only one of my wrists. Ho hum. With mediocrity comes ...................m​ore mediocrity. The first time though that my name appeared in the newspaper! !!
08/01/2012 18:58

It's BLUE IVY not Ivy Blue...get it right MSN!! Congrats to u both, but buying out the entire floor of the hospital for $1.3 million is abit OTT!!! Feel sorry for all the other mothers who were giving birth last night in the area :s

08/01/2012 13:21
Wow am happy for them,welcome to the world baby
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