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Lindsay Lohan and other celebrity mug shots

Lindsay Lohan poses for her latest mug shot

Lindsay Lohan (© Wire)
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Blimey; we'd be rather scared if we were the photographer on the other end of the camera - Lindsay Lohan doesn't look too impressed...

The 26-year-old actress turned herself in to police in California as a formality on Tuesday 19 March, the day after she accepted a plea deal in her misdemeanour car crash case. 

The deal includes 90 days in rehab, 30 days of community labour, 18 months of psychological counselling, a fine and restitution.

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05/10/2012 22:55
They all look pretty average without their makeup.  Hannah isnt a bad actress, probably a little better than most of the prima donnas in Hollywood today.  At least she has a mug shot for doing something with principles, as opposed to the Paris Hiltons who are just tramps and get their photographs taken for being drunk, public sex etc.  I look at the Kardashians, Posh Spice, Cheryl Cole, and the absolutely no tallent Osbournes (all except Ozzie of course)  and Hannah looks like a positively Shakespearean master of her craft.
05/10/2012 14:45
Darryl you rock - you stood your ground for what you believed in and tried to protect the planet - there is no shame in having the courage of your convictions
Someone should grab Russell Brand and toss him out a window.
05/10/2012 22:58
A very famous ****.  Apart from getting her PR person to put her name everywhere, and apart from inheriting money and of course the famous sex video, what has the no mark ever done.  She is one of those people who could have done so much with their lives, but in the end will be written of as a non entity who had something to do with sex, drugs, booze.
05/10/2012 23:03
Kay Burley is a heartless bitch. Reminds me of Felix Carver from the Bond film. How long before Sky do what Carver did and create "newsworthy" situations just to be first to report it ? Not long me thinks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/10/2012 20:07
When I first saw Daryl in a film I wrongly Presumed she was just another' bimbo' actress.. but I am sorry for that assumption and I have grown to like and admire her more and more.. her lifestyle and her ideals !! She is one brilliant human being!! Thankyou Daryl ! ...Jean-Paul Antoine.. musicien fou...
06/10/2012 22:29
Obviously she must have had corrective surgery after all the work that went wrong, plus the botox, great eco approach!  No wonder she "turned her back" on Hollywood, or did Hollywood turn its back?
Where's Nick Nolte? I know he's not exactly a household name anymore, but his mugshot is surely  the most "arresting"!!!
06/10/2012 09:11

Love this, while I appreciate the sentiments of her beliefs, the hypocrisy is amazing.  This is a woman who owns and drives a number of American gas guzzlers, uses a biodiesel pick up, where bio fuels are grown on land that was used for food production, occasionally uses a Prius when she is to be seen on camera and the Prius is not an ecologically friendly car due to the damage the manufacture and eventually removal, of the batteries does.

So yet another publicity hungry US actress who needs something to kick start the career again!

Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy

06/10/2012 09:50

Looks like Daryl should boycott Botox and Fillers before crude oil !!!



Another  session of Groundhog Day  - M.S.N. style . A couple of new [?] faces since last time , yippeee ! .
05/10/2012 22:56
06/10/2012 10:55


Tin Tin

Perhaps it’s time for her to re-establish her relationship with the magician David Blaine..  He could mysteriously make her disappear into a vapourless puff without damaging the environment.  And then the leftover grease from fast-food restaurants which she uses to run her cars could be reconstituted into tasty flavourings for kids to eat as treats..Yummy!

Let’s do it Tin,Tin, you cancel Photoshop, and I will call David Blaine, OK?

06/10/2012 08:54
She stands up for what she believes in... Wish there were more people out there like her..
06/10/2012 07:01
sorry if this offends but this mug shot looks like a bloke?
Jean Hayes you talk a load of boll###s if you think she looks good i would hate to see your hideously deformed mug
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