12/12/2011 12:23 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Little Mix - the ultimate role models

Little Mix - the ultimate role models

Little Mix (© Rex/PA)
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X Factor winners Little Mix have made history in becoming not only the first group to win the TV talent show, but the first girl group to even get into the final.

There's no denying that Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall, backed by Tulisa, are exceptional: despite being lumped together in the bootcamp stage of X Factor, they've got a chemistry that some established groups seem to lack and they've only known each other for about three months. That, and they can harmonise as well as Destiny's Child in their heyday.

As well as their £150,000 record deal payment (and Simon Cowell's advantageous backing), it's been reported that the girls are set to rake in £8 million along with their heroic win. A lot of this money will come from endorsements with fashion and beauty brands that are all looking for the perfect role models to promote their products.

"People in marketing spend their lives looking for suitable role models. Little Mix are the full package. The trick will be knowing what to turn down," a management insider told The Sun.

Little Mix make X Factor history!

12/12/2011 17:11
sick of hearing ugly pug faced fat oh and miss piggy.......get a grip shes a young girl whos maybe size twelve and very pretty....geez i wish i was a calorie behind her ..leave her be
12/12/2011 15:01
Hmmmm nice to see bullying is alive and well on MSN. I seriously do not know what is going wrong in the world anymore... people just seem so miserable, bitter and that everything is all about them. If you dont like X Factor dont watch it, simple, no need to moan and slate the acts, just turn off and watch whatever floats your boat. I am happy for the girls. Im not into that kind of music but they did well and i hope they continue to do so. There are people saying its not real music, they dont work hard, they arent talented etc, some of the greatest musiciains around at the moment like the X Factor... Noel Ghallager, Coldplay, Elton John, Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams......if its good enough for them then its good enough for me. None of these world famous singer and songwriters seem to have a problem with the show so seriously chill out and get a grip. They work damn hard every week, probably a lot harder than you keyboard moaners, and they can sing, very well in fact. They are good role models as they are out there, living there dream, working hard for it, and loving every minute. They are not out on the streets, mugging old people, in a gang or rioting :-/.... Finally calling people ugly, slutty etc is just plain pathetic and bullying. Act your ages, get a life and turn the channel over.
12/12/2011 17:45
its really disheartening reading some of these comments , i think these four girls are great role models, not only because they refuse to fit in to what people think they should be , and set an example to other young girls , which i think we need , when things like eating disorders are on the up. i find it disgusting how people can say these thing , some of which are racist. you people need to open your eyes. and see what role models like these four girls will do for the young girls of today. 
12/12/2011 18:18
What heroics have they done?They are just a manufactured singing group,the real heroes and heroines are found in the armed forces,police,fire and ambulance services.
12/12/2011 14:11

They may make good role models, they pushed for their dream and made it. They dress their age and dont flaunt their bodies like alot of girls that age these days.

They can sing and anyone who watches X factor would agree, i dont care where they are from or how they made it as long as they make good music then its all good, anyone who cares about that are just haters like Paul J.


12/12/2011 17:08

people are talking about how they can be real role models? .. 1) there young girls that have managed to make there dreams come true through hard work and determination? thats enough reason for them to be role models for young girls and children. None of us know how much hard work it takes to learn songs and harmonise together as a group. AT LEAST there not sponging of the goverment and already kids under there belt. There making something of themselves... people moan when young people dont do anything.... when they do people STILL complain.... its a joke.

12/12/2011 19:27
jesy is a size 12 she not fat she gets on the stage and does a performance every week which usually includes a choreographed routine which takes practice to perfect so she doesn't sit on her arse if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say it.
12/12/2011 17:36

Good on them I think.


Miss Piggy? I assume you are the people who want to see another hundred versions of Aston from JLS and another load of factory produced dolls... Maybe wake up and be surprised that the girl can sing. It isn't a dating show, it's singing and performing right? So what does it matter about looks?


Look at the stars who made excellent music in the 70s and 80s perhaps...?

12/12/2011 17:42
Would any of you write any bitchy comments if you knew any of them? Didn't think so. Grow up
12/12/2011 18:11
some of the comments I have read are totaly disgusting not everyone is the same we are all different and I am wondering whether those that say disgusting comments would actually repeat them to peoples faces mmmmmmmmmmm no as cowards hide behind a computer screen with disgusting remarks not everyone likes the same thing so if those that cant comment in a nice unobscene way then do not comment at all SIMPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/12/2011 14:08
What a lot of grumpy, ill-informed comments! It is ENTERTAINMENT, not world politics. It entertains thousands of people every week. Where is the harm? If you don't like it, don't watch. Leave it for those that do.
12/12/2011 13:36
am absolutely delighted for the girls their a breath of fresh air.

Don't care what all the grumps say ok X Factor might not be everyone's cuppa but it is must see TV and Simon Crowell knows how to get to the public hearts I have to admit
agreed its not been as good this year personally i wanted marcus to win but still happy for them,where is your christmas spirit if you hate it so much DONT watch it
12/12/2011 14:12

why cant people just be happy for others don't slate them nobody s perfect everybody has their own opinion but if its nasty keep it to yourself don't drag others down stupid remarks can really knock peoples confidence!! i think lil mix are good and my kids love em! They  will be the new generations biggest girl band and good on them!! YOU GO GIRLS!!!!Open-mouthed


I'm happy for them...they didn't make any offensive remarks, sang beautifully and I hope they share their happiness with people less happy than they are.

Sing a song for Christmas at a soup Kitchen on Christmas Day! x

And as for Kathy Gordon - it was those sorts of remarks made about Little Mix's appearence that turned the tide of the public vote in their favour. Especially since Twitter users were making silly remarks about some one's size, I forget which one now.
12/12/2011 14:06

well done little mix, they were great. WAY better than the saturdays could be. and whoever says they are ugly, jelousy doesnt get you anywhere.

12/12/2011 19:58

From what i've seen they auditioned as individuals and didn't know each other.


So my question is, How did they come to choose those 4 solo auditions to be together out of 100's who auditioned on that day? And how did they know their personalities wouldn't clash? Also what a surprise they get to the live shows and then go on to win it.


To me if you look back it seems all a bit staged, same as One Direction, 5 solo auditions get put together on the day of the auditions (so they said) and get to the final 3 last year.


If they auditioned solo and didn't get through why did they get a second chance?


All a bit suspect from day 1 if you look at it.

12/12/2011 17:38
To all the haters. One Word. Jealousy.
12/12/2011 17:10
Congratulations Little mix u deserved to win, you are all really good singers  Smile
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