18/01/2012 11:36 | By Lucy Mapstone/Colleen Last, MSN Celebrity
Lookalike celebrity couples

Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman

Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman (© Rex/Wire)
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They say we're attracted to people with similar faces to ours and this is certainly true of some celebrity couples! Can you believe how alike these loved-up stars are?

Newly-engaged pop couple Marvin Humes (JLS) and Rochelle Wiseman (The Saturdays) are possibly the most scarily alike celebrity twosome at the moment. Both with long faces, toothy grins and even matching eyes and brows, it's no surprise they were drawn to each other.

18/01/2012 20:17
i knew Marvin always looked simular to rochelle!Smile
the fact that their looking in the same direction or both smiling does NOT make them look like each other, maybe 1 or 2 couples do but this is so rubbish
18/01/2012 17:36
I read a science experiment that showed that women are attracted to men who look like them. Which I think is very true
18/01/2012 19:37
just because they look alike it dont mean they r perfect for eachova

but they r in luv so good for them xSmile
18/01/2012 17:05
mark H are u serious? u dont think marvin and rochelle look alike? i have thought that for some time . it is scary how alike they are. they are male and female versions of eachother
18/01/2012 20:00
i knew Justin B looked simular to selena!
18/01/2012 20:51
@Asim Hussain.
You're clearly very shallow, why should people be judged on if they're gay or not? Which anyway, he isn't, clearly from reading this article you can clearly see he's not. And for the record, it's 'Bieber' not 'Beiber', so if you're going to hate, hate properly. You're just jealous of his talent, wealth and fame. Grow up.

18/01/2012 16:50
Shaun you made me chuckle, cheered up my day maria xx
20/01/2012 04:49
personally , they look cute , get it on , looking good, x
18/01/2012 20:13
Lauren and Mark are great together Red heart I love them both.Kristen stewart is amazing Open-mouthed 
12/08/2013 08:26
25/01/2012 13:35
its a scientific fact that we are most attracted to faces who have similar facial ratio to our own. It was aprogram on discovery... so there!
Wow, this article is a gnat's chuff away from **** Eugenics! Congratulations MSN for another winner!
18/01/2012 20:31
justin beiber is a right **** and he is the GAYEST person living till now well thats wat i think anyway.
18/01/2012 21:01
Alex and chantelle look nothing like eachother
18/01/2012 14:41

it shows that these people are insecure and  love themselves aint they married or can only settle with the opposite of it self .

18/01/2012 18:18

LUUUUVVVVV JLS ther the best Red heart


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