12/10/2012 17:35 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon turns 16

Lessons for Madonna's daughter Lourdes on her 16th birthday

Madonna and Lourdes (© Rex)
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Can you believe it has been 16 years since Madonna became a mother? It's true - Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon was born in Los Angeles on 14 October, 1996.

Now that she's turned sweet 16, we offer up 16 life lessons that Lourdes can learn from the master herself... her mum. In some cases, Madonna will probably hope her daughter won't make the same mistakes, but most of the wisdom the superstar can impart is pretty empowering stuff.

Except of course where Vanilla Ice is concerned! Find out what we mean in the photo gallery...

14/10/2012 18:45
wow 16 u wudnt beleve it esp wen she was 15.get a life msn
14/10/2012 21:37
Why is Debbie Hanson naked in her msn pic? :S lol
14/10/2012 20:43
Hopefully Madonna manages to keep her clothes on for the birthday party.
15/10/2012 04:11
...and what a fine role model she is for her daughter....not!
14/10/2012 21:02
She looks very sad. What kind of world is this poor young girl being pushed into?
15/10/2012 07:43

What a stupid Hore Botox Madonna is!,And look at her daughter,Another something from Hell!

She looks like she needs help,having around possible 500 fathers can you blame her!

Madonna is a has been and a rotting old slag!

MSN stop these types of trash **** stories we could not give a rats arse if she drops dead!

15/10/2012 04:13
Not sure who is your dady I know DnA can't tell if it was a Horse or a man ther e was about 600 men and 50 children age 16 at the time and also that big and  strapping horse or was it two hmmmmmm not sure any more but 1 thing is for sure you look just like the runner up of the Dun-hill  Darby Maybe you must try to work for sex and the city F me she must have some horse in her blood 2  
15/10/2012 04:32
Why can I comment on this slag and not the soldiers who killed some **** in afganistan ?
14/10/2012 22:00
Papa don't preach................
15/10/2012 17:08

Lourdes is 16

She designed a fashion collection and had a rotund kelly osborne as a model

why is this about her mum? oh yeah, her mum is madonna

maybe someday people will see an individual

anyway - i got no hate in me so happy birthday little girl cos that is what you are - dont overthink it

14/10/2012 20:19
Collar and cuffs certainly don't match on mommy.  What an example of a parent, or maybe she's trying to appeal to the 16 year olds now by flashing on stage.  Lord help the kid.
D MN (Joshua Jaywitz) when you say who#e are you refering to your wife you w####r
Imagine having your mother at 52, years of age cavorting about showing her sagging and ageing flesh on stage.Madonna, is not thirty anymore and should behave with a bit of dignity.
15/10/2012 04:07
Jesus is it a woman?????????????? Look at that Face ****?????????????? Well sorry Luv it must be hard to grow up with a slag for a mother never not even DNA testing can tell you who your daddy is ye **** me it must be hard...........Now you grow up to find you look like a mix between the Horse your mum f__cked and the the 150 garden boy's OO ye and that one young kid she still f_cks he must be 16 to now or was that 16 years ago not sure...Anyway my the Devil have is pound of flesh....
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